As Secretary of State, How Much Damage Will Tillerson Cause?

Photo from: President-elect Donald Trump announced his nomination of Rex Tillman for Secretary of State last Tuesday. As CEO of Exxonmobile, Tillman represents exactly the kind of government Trump wants to ‘create’ during his presidency. That is of course, Trump plans to run America like a business. During his campaign, Trump promoted his identity as […]

Lost In Translation: When English Isn’t Your Mother Tongue

Photo From:   “I feel like, I’m like a six year old coming to a place where all the adults live.”   By McKenzie Gallagher and Danielle Ely A college education is a privilege that many students often feel lucky to ‘survive’. Can anyone say finals week? Higher education is tough. Chances are, if […]

Is CrossFit Really a Narcissistic Cult?

Image from: If you consider yourself a fitness guru, or even if you do not, you have probably heard of the new workout trend, Crossfit. Why? Because Crossfit is one of the newest, fastest-growing workout trends in America today. In fact, statistics show that their meager 13 affiliates in 2005 have turned into “more […]