Abby Dorman: Girl Next Door Goes Global

A broken foot (twice), a mom with multiple sclerosis, a dad with a passion for sports, and a heart for Jesus; What do all of these things make up? A basketball-playing, hard-working, and God-fearing Abby Dorman. On Wednesday, November 6, I had the privilege of sitting down with Abby and picking her brain about faith, […]

Sex and Flashing Lights

Sex, sex, and more sex. The entertainment world is increasingly riddled with innuendos, scantily-clad women and men, and an ever-growing theme of liberated “love.” Many have heard the phrase “sex sells,” but what does that really mean for the sharing of music, movies, commercials, and television shows? While studies show that sex may not sell […]

My First Week of College

“Mom, I finally made a decision…Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.” The past eight months of stress didn’t matter anymore; I was going to the college with one of the prettiest campuses, prettiest people, nicest town, everything was perfect. No, I wouldn’t be able to swim, but that didn’t matter, I was going where my mind told […]


Working Out Her Faith: Katy Perry’s Spiritual Journey in the Entertainment World

Money, fame, and power: three of the biggest driving forces in celebrities’ lives. Celebrities in today’s culture are being stripped of their talent and told how to perform. Stardom (in the music industry) is becoming less and less centered on talent, and more centered on sex and the body. With that being said, how are Christians […]