Trends: Live streaming Christmas with Your Online Pastor

By Aaron Hanes and Sarah Holcomb As Americans prepare to attend Christmas services in a few days, more churches are live streaming worship from their sanctuaries and using online pastors to tend the spiritual and tech needs of their flock. Live stream technology existed for several years, but with the advent of popular new platforms […]

What’s with the sexism in our salads?

A family sits at a dinner table lined with piles of leafy salad. Mom gleefully munches on a piece of lettuce while Dad stares down at his dish with disgust. He’s longing for a more satisfying meal: Specifically, a thick slice of pepperoni pizza. Sound familiar? This Domino’s commercial that aired earlier this fall — […]

simona andreas leader

Simona Andreas: Launching a Leader

Growing up in Estonia, a tiny Northern European nation guided by young, innovative leaders, Simona Andreas was bred to believe that anything is possible. Her five-foot frame belies many larger-than-life aspirations, but one in particular: to become a leader in her country. Yet, much like Estonia’s difficult history, behind Andreas’ ambition lies a series of struggles. […]

Personality for President: How social media is changing elections

It was 10:59pm on October 19, just 22 minutes after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exited the stage at the final presidential debate. A tweet went out from Trump’s account: “That was really exciting. Made all of my points. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” The debate may have ended, but the night was still young on […]

Useful or just annoying? Politics on Facebook

With Election Day looming less than a month away, politics have officially overtaken our Facebook feeds, drowning us in a flood of article links, memes and political satire. The quantity and intensity of political commentary keeps increasing — and it’s eliciting a host of reactions, especially among millennials. Some have taken to Facebook itself to respond […]