Out With the Old, In With the New

Being a connoisseur of movies, I have seen all the different waves of movies. I watched all the good romantic comedy flicks when they were the thing to see. I, whether it was my choice or not, bared through the Nicholas Sparks phase. Then I was extremely happy to see the horror movie trend come […]

Cyberstalking: Not Limited by Boundaries

If you were to ask anyone, they could give you a pretty good idea of what stalking is. You may in fact find that you have people close to you that have actually had a stalker before, whether it was small or intense. However, when you bring up stalking people think straight to what’s attributed […]

A New Song for a New Day

For many people, listening to music is just a hobby they do in their spare time. Whether it’s to work out, to pass them time on the way to work, or to get pumped up for a big game, we all listen. However, for those who actually make the music, it can be a little […]