COVID-19 has canceled all professional sports for the near future. Where do we go now?

By Quinn Sloan

At the time of writing, all professional sports have been suspended. For the first time since World War II, the Olympic Games schedule has been affected from original schedule. Wimbledon canceled its event for the first time in history. Although leagues are “strongly considering” a number of biodome protected options, there are still no practical plans in place.

Beginning with college basketball and moving on from there, every single sport postponed or canceled play for the near future. Each professional league, as a response to the question of when things will start back up, has answered similarly: “We have no idea.”

Moving Forward?

What does this mean for professional sports in the future? Each league has a respective schedule to which they adhere. However, the future of each league is now in question. What does it mean to have an offseason in which the previous season was never finished? Moreover, how can we crown victors in a season where there were no playoffs?

Unfortunately, even our country finds itself in a state of not knowing. It feels like everything that once was known has been thrown off. Leagues are in communication about how to move forward. For instance, the MLB will most likely postpone the beginning of the season. This should mean a fairly easy transition back in. Same for the NFL. However, for a league like the NBA, in which the season was more than halfway through, questions must be asked.

Financial Hit

Leagues and team owners are discussing the ramifications of such schedule change. NCAA has already slashed funding to D1 sports next year. Projected to make nearly $1 billion – that’s ~B~illion, with a B – from an event that has been canceled, adjustments must be made.

Is there any plan to continue the frozen sports seasons, or pick up where was left off?

As of now, the world waits.