Cyberbullying: It’s Not Just On Television

It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new movie or television show about cyberbullying.  Those are just for entertainment, though. There is no bullying on social media that would cause someone to kill themselves, right?  Wrong. Cyberbullying is defined on as “the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean […]

Lost In Translation: When English Isn’t Your Mother Tongue

Photo From:   “I feel like, I’m like a six year old coming to a place where all the adults live.”   By McKenzie Gallagher and Danielle Ely A college education is a privilege that many students often feel lucky to ‘survive’. Can anyone say finals week? Higher education is tough. Chances are, if […]

You Are Your Hair

Before buzzing all of your hair off, ask yourself, “What does my hair say about me? What do people think?” Just kidding. Don’t ask yourself those silly questions; just do it. When asked about why she buzzed her hair, Maddie Allen (pictured above) responded, “Well I really didn’t think too much about it; I just […]

The Post-Soviet Aesthetic: Fascination or Appropriation?

The similarities between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are obvious, both in policy and personhood. They both are now world leaders and their influence, however sour it may taste, inevitably ripples throughout Russia and the U.S. Both are dissatisfactory to much of the youth culture in both nations as the leaders are particularly and purposefully […]

Female, Young, and Qualified: How Social Oppression Remains Static Across Borders

She walks into a room in a fitted green blazer and black platform boots with that über confident presence that makes you take a step or two back. It’s not a purposeful power play, it just comes naturally to some people I guess — but she knows it. She flashes a smile and greets you […]

Social Media Star Calls Social Media a “Hoax”

On October 27, Essena O’Neill, an Australian teenager with more than half a million followers on Instagram, made headlines when she deleted more than 2,000 of her account pictures “that served no real purpose other than self-promotion.” Along with deleting these photos, she also dramatically edited the captions to the remaining 96 posts in a […]