Get to Know Trinity’s VP of Enrollment: Rick Riddering

Trinity Christian College is known for its tight community and their family feel.  This feeling is true, too, when you step in Trinity’s Admissions Office. Whether it is the student workers in the back room or the Admissions Representatives meeting with prospective students, everyone in the Admissions Office wears a smile.  This all stems from […]

Social Isolation: There is Hope if You Seek It

I remember when I decided to create a twitter account when I was a Sophomore in college. I had about 70 followers which consisted of friends from school and other friends outside of school. I made my first couple of tweets so that my followers could see that I had a twitter and that my […]


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A Look at Trump’s Comments on Mexicans

Along his journey through election season, Donald Trump’s campaign remained highly controversial. Now, with the presidential win in hand, Trump’s debated immigration plan will soon unfold. Among his many beliefs, his brash and straightforward claims regarding immigration often targets Mexicans, legal and illegal. His filterless comments are received diametrically: some see his words as offensive […]