A Look at Trump’s Comments on Mexicans

Along his journey through election season, Donald Trump’s campaign remained highly controversial. Now, with the presidential win in hand, Trump’s debated immigration plan will soon unfold. Among his many beliefs, his brash and straightforward claims regarding immigration often targets Mexicans, legal and illegal. His filterless comments are received diametrically: some see his words as offensive […]


Pui Tak: Chinatown, Immigration, and Wendy Yong

Pui Tak is nestled in the old part of Chicago’s Chinatown. Inside the distinctively Chinese architecture children and adult voices intermingle in various dialects. Since 1915, this organization has served new Chinese and other Mandarin-speaking immigrants here in America. The transition for them is often difficult. On Saturday mornings, Pui Tak offers one-on-one tutoring classes […]

When God Had Depression

“My belief in God…has kept me from harming myself. When I really didn’t want to be conscious, didn’t want to be aware, was in so much pain that I didn’t want to be awake or aware, I’ve thought to myself, ‘If you injure yourself you’re injuring the body of Christ, and Christ has been injured […]

When Scars Don’t Heal

Visit: When Scars Don’t Heal The massive amount of homicides in Chicago have given the city a new nickname, Chiraq—derived from the fact that more people were killed in Chicago than soldiers in Iraq in 2008. Stephen Watts Chicago has a problem with gun violence. That much is self-evident when the city’s worst neighborhoods have […]

Turkey Trot Trouble

There we were, sloshing through mud, helping each other across streams and calling out warnings of hidden puddles. Looking at the line of people ahead, I imagined we were on a pilgrimage, slowly marching along a narrow, winding trail through a wet and unpredictable forest. The young children and the elderly were given special attention […]