What’s with the sexism in our salads?

A family sits at a dinner table lined with piles of leafy salad. Mom gleefully munches on a piece of lettuce while Dad stares down at his dish with disgust. He’s longing for a more satisfying meal: Specifically, a thick slice of pepperoni pizza. Sound familiar? This Domino’s commercial that aired earlier this fall — […]

The Illuminati and Satanism in the Music Industry: What is it?, How It’s Affected Music Negatively and Why It Needs to be Stopped

The Illuminati, which means “enlightened” in pig latin, has become one of the most talked about conspiracy theories today. The word enlightened means to have a lot of knowledge. People are questioning if it’s real or not and how it’s affecting society. The answers lie in this history. It all started with German philosopher Adam Weishaupt […]

Technology: The Un-Holy Grail of Love

The ubiquitous, alluring flood of modern social media that allows us to feel we walk on water, flows without fear of the price attached to addiction. Little do we know, we are not gliding gracefully like Jesus, but drowning in waves of all-consuming technology. The gardens of greed and inhumanity in technology have overgrown the fence […]