Avoid Facebook’s Green-Eyed Monster

Shamrocks.  Green beer (or green apple soda).  Pictures of friends decked out in shades of lush grass and forest top greens posted on Facebook. This St. Patrick’s Day, there will surely be an abundance of green.  There may be another form of green that you cannot see quite as well as the bright color plastered […]

Facebook’s Generation Gap

The young generation migrates away from the social media giant. (Photo thanks to SundayHeroes) Whether turned off by the ads, scared away by the new privacy settings, tired of balancing your profile, or are just looking for a new fun social network studies have shown that younger social media users are using Facebook less and […]

The Leprechaun’s Golden Influence

Courtesy of the fun times guide Why do Americans love leprechauns? These short little men with ginger beards and black-buckled shoes have become famous in America, on St. Patrick’s Day and throughout the year. Even though the little leprechaun hails from Ireland, his popularity and influence reaches people in America and around the globe. How […]