The Illuminati and Satanism in the Music Industry: What is it?, How It’s Affected Music Negatively and Why It Needs to be Stopped Part 2

The industry, which is the record labels, control and manipulate the artists. Every person who wants to make it big is looking forward to get a record deal, so they can start living the life. They will do whatever it takes, which can be good and also be bad. The industry doesn’t know talent or […]

As Secretary of State, How Much Damage Will Tillerson Cause?

Photo from: President-elect Donald Trump announced his nomination of Rex Tillman for Secretary of State last Tuesday. As CEO of Exxonmobile, Tillman represents exactly the kind of government Trump wants to ‘create’ during his presidency. That is of course, Trump plans to run America like a business. During his campaign, Trump promoted his identity as […]

Burgers, Bikinis, and Trump’s Pick For Labor: A Match Made in Sexism?

President-elect Donald J. Trump built his campaign on strong and decidedly politically incorrect rhetoric, amassing a reputation as a sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic candidate. While refreshingly honest for some, many Americans felt threatened by his claims, hoping for a more clean-cut cabinet to balance his volatility and brashness. Rather, Trump’s cabinet choices–not surprisingly–carry many of […]

You Are Your Hair

Before buzzing all of your hair off, ask yourself, “What does my hair say about me? What do people think?” Just kidding. Don’t ask yourself those silly questions; just do it. When asked about why she buzzed her hair, Maddie Allen (pictured above) responded, “Well I really didn’t think too much about it; I just […]

Basically, We’re All Freaking Out

2016 has been quite the year. Donald Trump. Brexit. Philando Castile. Dallas. The future is uncertain for many, particularly Millennials, who are looking for solid ground on which to build their lives, which up until now have existed only in the dependent or academic categories. Basically, we’re all freaking out. Enter the “safe space,” a […]

An Epidemic of Inactive Imaginations: Millennials, Maintain Your Magic!

Consciously conceiving narwhals earthy existence after math class in the seventh grade is a mystifying moment forever engraved in the innermost ridges of my brain, an imaginative chamber of creative reflection. Fathoming the tusked beasts’ animate presence beneath the biosphere of our terrestrial orb as respiring aquatic mammals, a species swimming freely in the wild […]

What’s with the sexism in our salads?

A family sits at a dinner table lined with piles of leafy salad. Mom gleefully munches on a piece of lettuce while Dad stares down at his dish with disgust. He’s longing for a more satisfying meal: Specifically, a thick slice of pepperoni pizza. Sound familiar? This Domino’s commercial that aired earlier this fall — […]