A New Song for a New Day

For many people, listening to music is just a hobby they do in their spare time. Whether it’s to work out, to pass them time on the way to work, or to get pumped up for a big game, we all listen. However, for those who actually make the music, it can be a little […]

Katie Garrett: Building Christian Community Starts with Pancakes

As I stumbled into her apartment, graduate student Katie Garrett flipped a pancake over her stove while she joked with a friend standing alongside her. Tonight, like most Thursday nights, Katie’s apartment opens up to college students for delicious food, a safe environment, and good conversation. Steadily, college students trickle in and out of her […]


Pui Tak: Chinatown, Immigration, and Wendy Yong

Pui Tak is nestled in the old part of Chicago’s Chinatown. Inside the distinctively Chinese architecture children and adult voices intermingle in various dialects. Since 1915, this organization has served new Chinese and other Mandarin-speaking immigrants here in America. The transition for them is often difficult. On Saturday mornings, Pui Tak offers one-on-one tutoring classes […]

Female, Young, and Qualified: How Social Oppression Remains Static Across Borders

She walks into a room in a fitted green blazer and black platform boots with that über confident presence that makes you take a step or two back. It’s not a purposeful power play, it just comes naturally to some people I guess — but she knows it. She flashes a smile and greets you […]

simona andreas leader

Simona Andreas: Launching a Leader

Growing up in Estonia, a tiny Northern European nation guided by young, innovative leaders, Simona Andreas was bred to believe that anything is possible. Her five-foot frame belies many larger-than-life aspirations, but one in particular: to become a leader in her country. Yet, much like Estonia’s difficult history, behind Andreas’ ambition lies a series of struggles. […]