As Secretary of State, How Much Damage Will Tillerson Cause?

Photo from: President-elect Donald Trump announced his nomination of Rex Tillman for Secretary of State last Tuesday. As CEO of Exxonmobile, Tillman represents exactly the kind of government Trump wants to ‘create’ during his presidency. That is of course, Trump plans to run America like a business. During his campaign, Trump promoted his identity as […]

Katie Garrett: Building Christian Community Starts with Pancakes

As I stumbled into her apartment, graduate student Katie Garrett flipped a pancake over her stove while she joked with a friend standing alongside her. Tonight, like most Thursday nights, Katie’s apartment opens up to college students for delicious food, a safe environment, and good conversation. Steadily, college students trickle in and out of her […]

A Look at Trump’s Comments on Mexicans

Along his journey through election season, Donald Trump’s campaign remained highly controversial. Now, with the presidential win in hand, Trump’s debated immigration plan will soon unfold. Among his many beliefs, his brash and straightforward claims regarding immigration often targets Mexicans, legal and illegal. His filterless comments are received diametrically: some see his words as offensive […]