Burgers, Bikinis, and Trump’s Pick For Labor: A Match Made in Sexism?

President-elect Donald J. Trump built his campaign on strong and decidedly politically incorrect rhetoric, amassing a reputation as a sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic candidate. While refreshingly honest for some, many Americans felt threatened by his claims, hoping for a more clean-cut cabinet to balance his volatility and brashness. Rather, Trump’s cabinet choices–not surprisingly–carry many of […]

Basically, We’re All Freaking Out

2016 has been quite the year. Donald Trump. Brexit. Philando Castile. Dallas. The future is uncertain for many, particularly Millennials, who are looking for solid ground on which to build their lives, which up until now have existed only in the dependent or academic categories. Basically, we’re all freaking out. Enter the “safe space,” a […]

Agriculture-land of opportunity

In the early 1900’s, American agriculture began its development in farm machinery and technology. The 18th century included oxen and horses for power, crude wooden plows, all sowing by hand, cultivating by hoe, hay and grain cutting with a sickle, and threshing with a flail. But later on, the commercial fertilizers increased annually. Then came the big […]

Can White Girls Wear Dreadlocks?

Marc Jacobs’ bold choice to don his models with colorful dreadlocks during the September New York Fashion Week show has caused quite the uproar, both in the fashion community and in the social justice community. Many are claiming that his use of the traditionally African hairstyle is cultural appropriation and he should be reprimanded for […]

Female, Young, and Qualified: How Social Oppression Remains Static Across Borders

She walks into a room in a fitted green blazer and black platform boots with that über confident presence that makes you take a step or two back. It’s not a purposeful power play, it just comes naturally to some people I guess — but she knows it. She flashes a smile and greets you […]

Millennials to Trump: Keep Your Promises, Welcome Immigrants, Listen to America

“I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of white supremacy, I’m not buying a gun, I will still continue my fight for justice” The bitterly contested November 2016 election is over. President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama tomorrow will be meeting at the White House. Today, the Millennial Influx staff all asked millennials and […]

Why Millennial Christians Lean Left

“The denunciation of injustice implies the rejection of the use of Christianity to legitimize the established order”–Gustavo Gutierrez I am a progressive Christian. I passionately support social activism as a left-leaning individual. And yet, the Christian Left continues to be an area of personal struggle. The Christian Left or progressive Christians are people politically dissatisfied […]

Millennial Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

Are you Republican or Democrat? If it were possible, would you like Bernie Sanders to re-enter the presidential race? Do you think voting makes a difference? Ten Millennials recently interviewed each other to find out their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election. From questions about Bernie Sanders to the DNC email records to Trump’s temperament, […]