Out With the Old, In With the New

Being a connoisseur of movies, I have seen all the different waves of movies. I watched all the good romantic comedy flicks when they were the thing to see. I, whether it was my choice or not, bared through the Nicholas Sparks phase. Then I was extremely happy to see the horror movie trend come […]

Cyberstalking: Not Limited by Boundaries

If you were to ask anyone, they could give you a pretty good idea of what stalking is. You may in fact find that you have people close to you that have actually had a stalker before, whether it was small or intense. However, when you bring up stalking people think straight to what’s attributed […]

Jason at the BBC

Jason Hippenahammer is a well-known face around the Trinity community. He’s a supervisor at the BBC during the evenings, and always full of charisma for the feasting and caffeine-reliant students. As a former Trin student turned employee, Jason has developed his own unique presence around this campus. Students know and love chatting with him, and […]

Profile: Megan Wise

As a senior at Trinity Christian College, Megan Wise plans to graduate this May with a Communications major. She chose a Communications major based on her passion for talking with people and writing. She thought of majoring in English, but she believes that she can accomplish more and be better rounded with a Communications major. […]

The New Catfishing

Remember how when everyone first started using the internet, we all were warned to be careful who we talked to? That not everyone is who they say they are? Pretty common parent warnings and worries, right? It’s called catfishing. Catfishing is luring someone into a relationship by using a fake persona online. Although many of us […]