Burgers, Bikinis, and Trump’s Pick For Labor: A Match Made in Sexism?

President-elect Donald J. Trump built his campaign on strong and decidedly politically incorrect rhetoric, amassing a reputation as a sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic candidate. While refreshingly honest for some, many Americans felt threatened by his claims, hoping for a more clean-cut cabinet to balance his volatility and brashness. Rather, Trump’s cabinet choices–not surprisingly–carry many of […]

Lost In Translation: When English Isn’t Your Mother Tongue

Photo From: https://static.pexels.com/photos/203237/pexels-photo-203237.jpeg   “I feel like, I’m like a six year old coming to a place where all the adults live.”   By McKenzie Gallagher and Danielle Ely A college education is a privilege that many students often feel lucky to ‘survive’. Can anyone say finals week? Higher education is tough. Chances are, if […]

What’s with the sexism in our salads?

A family sits at a dinner table lined with piles of leafy salad. Mom gleefully munches on a piece of lettuce while Dad stares down at his dish with disgust. He’s longing for a more satisfying meal: Specifically, a thick slice of pepperoni pizza. Sound familiar? This Domino’s commercial that aired earlier this fall — […]


Does Safe Space Hinder Higher Learning?

Trigger warnings, safe spaces, and political correctness are among the three most controversial topics surrounding higher education. This January, Northwestern University’s president Morton Schapiro wrote an article in which he defended safe spaces on their campus. He explains, “experts tell me that students don’t fully embrace uncomfortable learning unless they are themselves comfortable. Safe spaces […]

Should Art Education Be the First to Go in Curriculum Cuts?

Art education–including music, theater, dance, drawing, painting, or sculpture–is integral to any well-rounded curriculum. Despite the nagging need for budget cuts that have plagued America’s public school systems in the past decade, arts education should not be the first classes to go. Education is molding the future of this country and it is the public […]

Black Buying Power Nears $1.2 Trillion

Blacks throughout America’s history have been disadvantaged in all aspects of life, yet in America today, African Americans are actually rising as the greatest influence in the nation’s economy. Alongside the present Black Lives Matter movement, it is fundamental to also acknowledge the increasing important matter of black money in America. Unbeknownst to most, black […]

Personality for President: How social media is changing elections

It was 10:59pm on October 19, just 22 minutes after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exited the stage at the final presidential debate. A tweet went out from Trump’s account: “That was really exciting. Made all of my points. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” The debate may have ended, but the night was still young on […]