Millennials to Trump: Keep Your Promises, Welcome Immigrants, Listen to America

“I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of white supremacy, I’m not buying a gun, I will still continue my fight for justice” The bitterly contested November 2016 election is over. President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama tomorrow will be meeting at the White House. Today, the Millennial Influx staff all asked millennials and […]

Why Millennial Christians Lean Left

“The denunciation of injustice implies the rejection of the use of Christianity to legitimize the established order”–Gustavo Gutierrez I am a progressive Christian. I passionately support social activism as a left-leaning individual. And yet, the Christian Left continues to be an area of personal struggle. The Christian Left or progressive Christians are people politically dissatisfied […]

Young, restless and Anglican

“I’m Kirkland An — I grew up in a nondenominational church, but now I attend an Evangelical Free church in Wheaton. How about you?” Have you heard sentences like these injected into a dialogue before? I must have used them, 11, maybe 12 times. If you have too, you might — like me — go […]