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Abby Dorman is a college student and writer raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She is currently living in Wheaton, Illinois, and she loves playing guitar, journaling, bonfires, hiking, and basketball. She is a staunch believer in listening to music with the windows open, cookie dough, and the fact that puppies are good for the soul. Follow her on Twitter at @abby_dorman, and her blog at


Alexandria is a third-culture-kid from New Jersey and Taiwan, currently living outside of Chicago in Illinois. She loves travel, cuisine, films, road trips, South African tea, and deep conversations. She’s passionate about reporting and wishes to dedicate her time to broadcast journalism and serving God after college.  Follow her on Twitter @KuoAlexandria and read her blog at


Sarah Kaczka is an 18-year-old with a passion for writing. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Sarah enjoys coffee, rainy weather, and used bookstores. She finds inspiration from successful Christian authors including Francis Chan and Donald Miller, and hopes to use her love for storytelling to spread the Gospel and encourage other Christians. Follow her on Twitter @sarahkaczka, and check out her personal blog at


Anna Krcek is majoring in International Relations. She describes herself as an American with European flair. Essentially first generation with roots in Eastern Europe, her heritage is greatly reflected in the creative writing she enjoys most. She appreciates all cultures, including their traditions and food, as well as sports, namely hockey and tennis. She seeks to bring to light the silent stories of her generation. Follow her on Twitter @annakrcek and check out her personal blog at


Sarah Miller was born and raised in Holmes County, Ohio, which, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the largest Amish communities in the world. (No, Sarah is not Amish.) While undecided on her college major, Sarah is passionately seeking God’s will for her life and future career. She loves travel, music, fashion, photography, backpacking trips, and boba tea. In terms of journalism, Sarah is especially interested in exploring the intersection of faith and popular culture. Follow her on Twitter at @sarah_britton_m, and get plugged in to her personal blog at

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Nathan Heath is a recent graduate of Wheaton College with degrees in international relations and music and a current Fellow of the Summit Oxford Study Centre at Oxford University. He enjoys writing on issues ranging from human rights and poverty to the global church and social justice. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Nathan is an active musician, a budding amateur photographer and a proud puppy owner. Read his personal blog at

Timothy C. Morgan

Timothy C. Morgan is co-editor and founder of Millennial Influx along with co-editor and founder Allison Steinke. He has been a journalist since 1980 and formerly served as Christianity Today‘s Senior Editor, Global Journalism. He serves as Journalism Certificate Director at Wheaton College in Illinois. This is an innovative pre-professional program, launched in 2011, to prepare individuals for a career in the news media. In addition, he is an officer and board member, Journey through NYC Religion, an unprecedented, award-winning journalistic effort to profile each church, temple, mosque, synagogue in every corner of New York City. He, his wife Senja, and three children live outside Chicago in Wheaton, IL. He is a graduate of Gordon College near Boston and has an MSJ degree from Boston University. He is active in local church ministry and recently served on the Missions Commission of St. Mark’s Church, Geneva, IL.

All articles are published by members of the Millennial generation.