Space, The Final Frontier…”

-Star trek

Space has captured the imaginations of humanity from the beginning of time. It’s been expressed through movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Interstellar. The eyes of this generation often drift upwards towards the sky, filled with wonder, curiosity, and determination. “To slip the surly bonds of earth” as President Reagan remarked,”to touch the face of God,” to go further than anyone has ever gone before. To hurtle silently through space at breathtaking speeds day after day. Eventually these pioneers will wake up to the see the great red planet looming ominously, filling every inch of their viewport, and they will make their descent. They will step forth from the safety of their man made vessel, and their boots will crash down into the red dust of mars. They will be Millennials.

The question is not if humanity will go to mars but when. No matter how well we conserve our planet’s resources, it will eventually leave the habitable zone of our sun. Mars, however, will remain in the habitable zone until the sun dies, which is projected to occur in nine billion years. We will colonize Mars, and the ball is already rolling. Current projects underway plan to launch the first settlers as early as 2026. But who will carry out this mission? Millennials are well suited to the task. They are a generation baptized into the worship of science, and statistics show that they are the quickest to adapt to new technology. Millennials find their identity in science and technology. They’ve grown up with technology, know how to, and love to use it.  Having developed this cultured appreciation for technology from the get go, it seems likely that generation “now” is a likely candidate for producing a society tech-savvy enough for such a monumental mission. Indeed, a Mars mission is a technological undertaking greater than anything seen or accomplished before, so it makes sense that the most tech oriented generation on this planet will be the ones to make the leap to the next one.

Setting the idea of technology aside, it takes more than brains to make an interplanetary astronaut; It takes hard work, diligence, and boldness. Might not a generation with a reputation for laziness not be the best choice for such an intense undertaking? Afterall, hurtling through space to a hostile environment years of travel away on a risky expedition to a place no one has been before is not for the faint of heart. YOLO.  You only live once. Nothing attracts millennials like adventures and thrills. They’re bold. They’re pioneers, wanderers, explorers. Nothing can satisfy the notorious wanderlust.They crave new experiences. They love being the first. Millennials are always itching for an adventure. They love doing new and exciting things, even more so when risk is involved. What a better task for the YOLO generation than colonization of Mars?

Millennials, are not known for being particularly smart with their money, but what they are known for is dedicating their financial resources towards causes important to them. Millennials spend the extra dollar when it matters. In regards to the Mars mission, there aren’t too many causes greater than the preservation of humanity. Funding has always been a big issue in space advancement, but millennials get money to causes that require it. 14-2290-SpaceLaunchSystem-AfterLaunch-20140827

A journey to Mars requires innovation, creativity, and character. According to the Huffington Post, Millennials definitely make the cut. They’re entrepreneurs, and critical problem solvers. The one behind the controls needs to be able to make quick decisions when trouble arises, and the minds that this generation is producing are up to that task. Astronauts to Mars need to be able to think unconventionally in order to solve problems and adapt quickly. The lean of millennial culture is to develop a well rounded mind. Such a mind is well suited to such tasks.

Millennials are unified. Social media and mass media has contributed to a globalization that has produced more rapid advances in technology than ever seen before. Cooperation and open mindedness are arguably the two most important ideals of the Millennial generation, whereas in the past young generations have idolized things like love, rage, or angst. Millennials are about getting along and moving forward.

They have the tools to succeed, to reach the unreachable. The minds for technology, both the use and development. The spirit for adventure, to go further than anyone ever has. The determination to get there, and see their cause all the way through. And, perhaps most importantly to do it together, as a planet. But one thing is for certain, years from now, when the first boot falls on Martian soil, it will belong to a millennial. 

Mars footprint

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