Why You Should Never Diet Like a Kardashian

By Anna Ganser

Looking at posters, magazines, movies and any other media, it can be hard not to look at the bodies of famous men and women in the spotlight. Many of them seem to have amazing cut jawlines and six-pack abs and are coming out with their “secret diets” left and right.

From Khloe Kardashian to Victoria’s Secret models, all of their methods seem to be impossible, and though they may not be to someone who is being paid to look fabulous, they are to the average nine to five worker. Here’s why.

It’s not made for you

Men and women who are on these extremely strict diets and exercise plans are paying the big bucks to dieticians so that they can perform a diet that was created specifically for them. Not only are you leading a different lifestyle than these public figures, but you have different DNA, different habits and different things that you struggle with in relation to food.

One person may struggle with overeating in general, where another may be eating enough, but not enough protein. If there is a celebrity who is following a diet you cannot follow because of diet restrictions such as intolerances or allergies, that can seriously mess up the intentions initially created from the dietitian. Different body types and restrictions make specified workouts and diets important. Some people can handle more fat and some people need more protein. That’s just the way that humans were created.

It costs a lot of time and money

These diets are expensive! Many famous individuals who have come out with a diet not only have personal trainers and dietitians, but they also don’t need to prepare their own meals. Following such a strict diet as these requires a lot of food prepping, due to the complexity of the dishes (at least if you want them to be more flavorful than a piece of plain boiled chicken).

More restrictions include not being able to go to many restaurants, being very careful with the food that others prepare for you to eat and having to get very specific ingredients to substitute for ingredients that are restricted in the diet you are following.

It won’t last

When doing some research on what Khloe Kardashian’s diet looks like, for meal number two, the only sentence written underneath it was “For her second meal of the day, Kardashian will have a piece of fruit of her choice.” Granted, she does sustain her body with seven “meals” in a day, but five of them consist of either a single fruit or a few vegetables.

By restricting yourself that much, it is much easier to fall into a binge-eating habit later in the day. Healthline reports, “Nighttime eating may be the result of overly restricted daytime food intake, leading to ravenous hunger at night.” By mindfully restricting intake of calories or certain food groups, it can create more of a craving for those things later. Many of these so-called “lifestyle” diets are just used for a short period of time in order to lose some quick weight.

There are healthier ways to do it

As most everyone knows, there are ways to eat healthier and begin exercising that don’t include following a celebrity diet or cutting out an entire food group.

Easy things such as ordering water instead of a soda, working out every day, cutting back on sweets, choosing wheat instead of white bread, etc. If you are looking to lose weight, become more fit or even just lead a healthier lifestyle, following a crazy celebrity diet isn’t the way to do it.

Listen to your body, make smart decisions and don’t make rash decisions that you won’t be able to carry out in the long run.


Photo curtesy of freeimages.com