by Lauren Laskowski

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” However, what if you were told that you needed to try again 365 times? Enter the 365 project. This is exactly what photographers all over the world are doing with their cameras as they shoot an image every day for a whole year. This trending project has become a popular outlet for many photographers who want to better and hone their skills in photography.

Recent upload from the 365 project. Courtesy of Taffy R

The 365 project’s main objective is for the photographer to take one picture every single day of the year, for 365 days, hence the name. The project hopes to better the skills of photographers as they begin to, “Document a year of your life by taking a photo a day,” as is stated on the 365 project website.

What is the big draw for the 365 project and why do so many people do it? Kara, a nineteen year old millennial studying journalism and photography at a state university tried the project from 2011-2012 and enjoyed the experience.

She states,I thought it was a great way to stay connected to photography and pick up my camera daily. My favorite part of the project was just simply documenting my life day to day.” Kara thinks that while it can get challenging to pick up your camera every day for a year, it’s neat to look back over your pictures and be able to see what was going on that year.

The 365 project is also a great way for you to share photos and gain comments from other photographers who are able to critique your pictures. There is also opportunity to share in group discussions with other photographers. People can begin to start following you on the project website and you have the possibility of making a name for yourself in photography.

One, overly ambitious millennial photographer tried the 365 project did just that and is now on his way to making photography a career. Alex Stoddard, is an amazing self-taught photographer who photographs are featured on MyModemMet blog site and Flickr. Stoddard has accomplished the 365 projects and comments about the impact that the project has made on his photography skills on a blog post by Chase Jarvis, a professional photographer.

Courtesy of Alex Stoddard Photography Facebook page


In the blog post interview, Stoddard states that although he had been taking photographs for a while, he hadn’t really seeing an improved quality in his photographs. Stoddard states,I wanted more than anything to improve and to improve quickly, and I had seen several others embark upon their own 365 projects – most notably Rosie Hardy – and witnessed the growth from their first photo in the set to their last. I wanted that growth for myself…” Stoddard expresses that he wasn’t seeing enough dramatic improvement in his photographs after he would go out to shoot and he really wanted to grow in his level of photography.

An article about Stoddard states that he has now moved to California after his graduation from high school where

he has taken up residence with fellow teen photographer, Brian Oldham as they continue pursuing photography together.

The future of the photographic world has arrived. With more people enjoying, and becoming serious about photography in the world, the 365 project is a good step to take.

Courtesy of

A news article from Yahoo states that more people are becoming serious about photography. Sara Hilton, the head of the JD Power Survey that includes data about the increases in people buying high-end photographic equipment states, “There is a shift overall in the industry from casual to enthusiast [photographer].”

In addition, another article states that the number of pictures being taken by people is going up as well. It states, “ They [people] are taking more pictures, 13 billion more last year on film and digital combined than in 2000, when the price of digital cameras began to decline.”

Get on board with this project and start improving your photographic skills today. Anybody with a camera and a creative imagination can start having fun with the 365 project. Get started now and start experimenting with your camera while creating lasting memories of your year.