One of the most difficult things that can happen to someone is not being able to do the thing they love.  This is a story about a girl who despite losing what she loves to do, finds God’s love glamouring through her experiences.  Anna Krcek is a girl who I met at Wheaton and her story is so unique and inspiring it touched me and showed me to always be grateful for what I have and to remember when it’s gone, not to cry because it is over but to smile because it happened.

Anna began figure skating at a young age; it was her passion she loved to be out on the ice; she loved her coach, and she could not imagine her life without either of them. There was nothing better in Anna’s mind then shutting the world out and becoming one with her routine and the ice.  She could not get enough of the powerful feeling she got when she stuck a move or performed her routine perfectly. She could not imagine losing this, but when she least expected it. She fell. Anna fell on a simple move that she had landed thousands of times before.  But it wasn’t the fall that she felt, but her neck.

The doctor told her that she could never skate again. Anna’s heart sank, the one thing she loved was gone.

Being in 8th grade at the time, Anna could not imagine telling her classmates that she had to “quit” figure skating. So everyday she would go to school and lie about being at practice in the mornings when people asked her. She didn’t want people to have pity or feel sorry for her, she didn’t want to accept the reality. She was never going to skate again.

But as time when on things got better.  Anna began to use the skills she used in figure skating through out life. She was taught discipline but with that discipline she learned to have compassion and view the beauty in everything she did. She could finally see God opening up his arms her. God taught Anna that in life everything has an end and just because ice skating wasn’t meant to be that did not mean that He did not have better things in store for her. She thanked Him for not letting her cry because it was over but because He gave her a smile because it happened. God has a plan. Anna saw it, learned from, and lives through it.