When you see Aaron Johnson around campus, what do you see? Maybe you see a Trinity Basketball player, or maybe the West top-floor RA. However, as is true in most cases, there is so much more to Aaron than these two simplistic titles. I recently had a moment to sit down and truly get to know Aaron, and I’ve decided to share with you, in Aaron’s own words, just exactly who he really is.


What memories do you have from your childhood?


Many of my memories from my childhood were made in Zambia, Africa. I spend about 3 year’s total of my adolescent years there. I traveled there with my parents because they were missionaries and spent most of their time traveling all across the globe. However, I do have many memories here in America as well. One of my favorite childhood memories was when I was in Africa and there was a missionary family there from the states as well. They had kids who were around my age and I would hang out with them a lot. One of the things we did together was we did this thing we created called “Jedi Training” where we trained to become Jedi Knights.


What has been the most dramatic moment of your life?


This past year (2015) during our pre-season conditioning for basketball I collapsed and passed out. I had to go see the doctor and they were afraid that I had an enlarged heart. I had to get tested y cardiologists and see many doctors. I was told that there was a high possibility that I would never get to play basketball again. This was a very dramatic time for me but everything ended up being ok, and I the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with my heart, and I can still play.


What is one of the best/most meaningful things someone has ever done for you?


When I turned 16, a family friend gave me one of their cars as a gift. It was a little Saturn that was a stick shift which I had always wanted to drive a stick shift. They also kept their speaker system in the car so that I could play my music super loud, which was awesome.


If you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?


I would spend my last day with my girlfriend and my family. I would want to just spend time with them telling them the things that I haven’t because I didn’t have the guts to. I also would just want to be around the people who make me feel the greatest.


What motivates you?


One of the things that motivates me the most is knowing that one day I will, Lord-willing, be a husband and a father. Knowing that I will have to provide for my family and protect them is something that motivates me. Another thing that motivates me is all of the things I have seen in the world. Living in Africa opened my eyes to the hurting and brokenness in the world and that propels me to live outside of myself.


What motto or song describes your life?


There a song by a rapper named Lecrae that’s called, “Don’t Waste Your Life”. This song talks about being unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and living your life for him and not caring what others may think or say about you.


What is your greatest weakness?

I like routine. I like having a planned schedule and being able to know when there are deadlines and such. One of my weaknesses is when plans change or when my routine changes it can be hard for me to sometimes adapt to the change.


How do you want to be known/remembered?


I want to be remembered as someone who lived their life for Christ. I want to be known as a man with integrity and someone who walks under the blessing of Heaven and I can point others to Jesus through my life.


Tell me a funny story from your childhood.


There was one time in first grade when I pulled a girls chair out from underneath her when she was sitting down. She landed smack dap on the floor and immediately started crying. She ran over to the teacher and told her what happened I ran up with her and told the teacher I was sorry for doing it and that I didn’t mean to and I didn’t get into trouble.


What do you want to be when you grow up?


When I was younger I really wanted to be a fireman but now I want to be a Public Relations agent for athletes. I would also like to help out at my parent’s mission organizations and help out overseas in Zambia.


Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows.


I like to listen to Justin Bieber and also One Direction.


If you could have a meal with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?


Other than Jesus, I would pry have to say Peter or David from the Bible. I would love to pick their brains and ask them all of my questions, and hear their stories that were not recorded in the Bible.


Tell me about your family.


I have a mom and a dad, Jeff and Danette. I also have three sibling all older. Nathan (25), Abbey (23), and Hannah (21). Abbey lives in California and Hannah and Nathan live in Holland Michigan.


What makes you happy?


Things that make me happy is being able to worship at my home church. This is something that I am not able to do when I am here at Trinity. Also being able to hang out with my girlfriend and family makes me super happy and always brightens up my day.


What’s your favorite “thing?”


My favorite thing I would have to say is basketball. It has always been a part of my life and will continue to be a part of my life. Something I can go to and escape.


Who is your favorite celebrity?


My favorite celebrity is Stephen Curry. He has been one of my favorite basketball players and one of my biggest role models. He is amazing at Basketball, he plays in the NBA and won the league’s MVP last year. He also is very outspoken about his faith and that is what I love the most about him.


If you had the attention of every person on earth for 1 minute, what would you say?


I’d preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for that one minute. I’d make sure that everyone knew how much Jesus loved them.