By: Lillian Mejia-Gautreau

Artivism (a combination of art and activism) Is a powerful tool against Injustice. Artists from all over the world use the power of their imagination and creativity to fight for equality on all levels! 

Art has always been used since the beginning of time to challenge norms and ask important questions through the artist’s unique point of view. In 2020 however, Artivism has played an important part in a number of movements, so it was no surprise that artists are using their incredible skills to “rock the vote” in the November election.

Many of these artists are seeking to get people to go out and vote and to educate others on important issues going on in this country. They are fighting for important causes! Not only are there older experienced artists in the world of artivism, younger artists are getting in on the action. Using their platforms to fight for social reform and important causes. 

One of these causes is trying to get more funding for arts and cultural education in the US Education system.

Digital artist and activist Elena Faverio says “Artivism means understanding that my artistic work is constantly in conversation with both my personal identity and with how I interpersonally relate to what’s happening in the world at large.” 

In 2008 an artist named Shepard Fairey created an art piece for Barack Obama’s presidency campaign. It depicted a graphic portrait of Obama with the word Hope on it. It became an Iconic symbol and renewed the faith of Americans and the world.and now it’s time for artists to do it again and start a very urgent art campaign to vote trump out this november. 

Ever since then there has not been a political poster half as viral that has had the same cultural impact but that could change as Fairey and a group of artists are combining forces to initiate “Enough of Trump” a new art advocacy campaign that wants to inspire voters for the election this november. 

The Enough of Trump is a ner initiative that is gathering art from artists who aim to inspire US voters to make informed decisions this november.

People who are part of this task force of creative people are trying to use art as a catalyst for social change which is what Artivism is about at its core. Their goals are to firstly get Trump out of office and then secondly focus to target key swing states like Ohio, and minnesota. 

They want to spread the message that they have had enough of Trump and want to encourage people to Vote him out. 

“We’ve reached crisis proportions, I had to do something,” said artist Ed Ruscha, who has also created art for the Enough of Trump initiative. His poster includes phrases like “EE-NUFF” “Fast Track to Fascism” and “Gateway to White supremacy” around the poster in smaller bold lettering.

Another artist who is part of this project is Deborah Kass. She creats beautiful feminist popart with bright colors. She has contributed an art pieces that features the words “Enough Already” In yellow and pink.

Artists gathering together to fight for justice and equality is what artivism is all about. It allows people a platform to create change. Whether they paint with brushes, throwing paint at a canvas, or digitally on a computer or tablet, anyone can inspire change with their art. It just takes some creativity, imagination and the desire to make the world a better place.