After reading the title you may have questions like:

“Why are there missionaries in America? This is a Christian country!”

“We send missionaries out. We don’t bring them in.”

“Missionaries in America… I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

To tell you the truth, I was too. It is reasonable that you question why the nation built upon Christian principles would need evangelism. The fact that evangelicals from Asia, Latin America, and Africa are coming to America to spread the salt and light of the earth to Americans seems implausible. Then we should ask the fundamental counter-intuitive question:

Why does the great and strong Christian nation need immigrants to tell them who Jesus is?

The simple answer is that America today is not a Christian nation.

Why is America not a Christian nation?

Missionaries see America as a “Christian” nation in trouble. Christianity is on the decline and not just among younger generations or in certain regions of the country but across all races, genders, education and states. It is no longer the great Christian nation as we thought it was; it is falling into more secular principles such as materialism, secularism, humanism, and sexual immorality. These secular viruses infect our spiritual presence of the church in America even when we don’t realize it.

Although the United States is statistically a predominantly Christian and a dominant missionary-sending nation, it has become a nation that has lost its foothold as a leading Christian influence. Much of America is aware of Christianity and know at least a little of the doctrine, but many have overlooked it or have found boredom with it.

Its churches are great in number, but they are weak in spirit.

However, one of the biggest callings is for the Christians in America that have found comfort in the belief that all truth is relative. Post-modernism welcomes itself into our church doors. and many Christians don’t want to rock the boat or cause offense when preaching or sharing the gospel. In result, the church becomes lukewarm and the people receiving the gospel find it as an entertaining story instead of a life-changing narrative that it should be.

Why foreign missionaries come to America

Christians in other countries are awakening to America’s needs for missionaries. Korea, for example, is recruiting and sending hundreds of vibrant young Christians to bring the Gospel here.

A number of Christian Mexicans minister on the U.S. side of the border and born-again former Hindus are reaching India-born people for Christ in North America. The foreign missionaries are not just coming for the goodness of America like freedom and homemade apple pie. They come to reach people with the gospel and evangelize. America is a great nation, one of the greatest and wealthiest nations even day.

But missionaries do not come to America just because it is a great nation for immigrants, but also because it is the “modern Rome,” the most powerful nation in the world. Centering one’s mission work in the most powerful nation in the world is simply strategic.

The United States is the superpower and therefore a logical base for launching a world mission movement. Once you make it in America as a mission movement, you can also make it elsewhere. You have more power, prestige, and legitimacy if you base your mission movement in the “modern Rome” of our world. And because of this, they can evangelize America to evangelize the world since its influence is so global.

This is why missionaries are needed to bring spiritual revival in America.

So what kind of missionaries does America need? The same kind we’ve been sending out for more than 200 years but instead we send them back to the homeland to work. I also encourage you to take this to heart. God calls us all to evangelize and we don’t have to wait for other missionaries from the outside countries to revive our country. We can revive it now, starting with ourselves.-

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