Bond Roth and Rachel Bond have known each other nearly since the first day they breathed life on planet Earth. Their fathers were close college friends and their families saw each other several times per year. Their families were so close that Bond and Rachel even took baths together as infants. Little did their parents know that the friendship between Bond and Rachel would grow into something stronger than a mere family friendship.

Love often comes out of the most unexpected places. Growing up as close family friends, Bond and Rachel did not expect to date, let alone find a spouse in one another. Bond’s family resided in Naples, Florida and Rachel’s family lived in Chicago, Illinois, so they never had the opportunity to get to know each other very well. However, that all changed when Bond decided to attend college at Wheaton, not very far from where Rachel lived.2013-Engagement-110313-Rachael-Bond-219

When the Rachel’s family decided to spend Christmas of 2011 in Florida with Bond’s family, the couple first discovered their connection. One day during the visit, everyone had somewhere to be or something to do, so the two decided to go on what Bond considered to be a “fake date,” during which he took her out to enjoy dinner and a movie. Bond did not expect that from that point on they would become nearly inseparable. They continued to talk often; their conversations flowed naturally and Bond said they “just clicked”. He was blown away at how easy communication was with Rachel and how much he loved talking to her. Not to mention, he could always count on having fun when they were together! Bond knew he met his future wife after his first date with Rachel. He could not picture spending the rest of his life with anyone other than her.

Apparently Rachel had her eye on Bond even longer than he had his on her. For the entire semester prior to their first “fake date”, she had a crush on him for a lot longer. By the time they were dating, she knew he was the one she wanted to marry and spend the rest of her life with.

Bond and Rachel fell in love quickly, even more quickly than he expected. The same situation was occurring in Rachel’s heart, and their deep mutual feelings for each other became evident a couple months after they began dating. Bond and Rachel were driving from Chicago to Florida to visit Bond’s family for one of his breaks from college when the “L” word was first dropped! Rachel was taking her turn to drive and Bond was trying to get a nap in when they both came down with a case of some late night laughter. As usual, the two were having a ton of fun and could not stop laughing. Amidst the laughter, Rachel’s feelings slipped out in a three letter line, “I love you,” she mumbled under her breath on accident.2013-Engagement-110313-Rachael-Bond-162

Realizing what had happened, Bond replied, “What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing!” She quickly responded, trying to make up for her slip-up. However, at that moment, Bond and Rachel realized they could no longer stifle their feelings, and that they had already fallen in love.

A little over a year into dating, Bond decided it was time to put a ring on his sweetheart’s finger and commit to life with her. He tells of the story of his proposal in the audio below:

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2013-Engagement-110313-Rachael-Bond-123 Growing up as close family friends, Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Roth may even be more excited about the wedding than Bond and Rachel! Like many Christian families, the Roths have been praying for Bond’s future spouse since he was born. Mr. and Mrs. Roth say that now it’s exciting to think that they have been praying for Rachel, one of their close family friends, this entire time without knowing.

Bond and Rachel could not be more excited to start life together, and are waiting to find out from the Lord what next year will bring. Where they will live depends on where Bond gets a job, which will hopefully be in downtown Chicago. He wants to live in the suburbs, but she wants to live in the city, so they are still in the process of compromising. Regardless of what God has in store for the couple, Bond is very excited to spend the rest of his life with her. “I love how she challenges me; she asks me the right questions and helps me to become a better person.”