The 2010 Superbowl champions are now 0-6 and New York has already hit the desperation button on them. People can’t decide what the problem is:

Is it the players, the organization, or the head coach?

Head Coach Tom Coughlin has certainly not been part of the solution this year. But is he to blame for the disastrous start the Giants have had? I don’t think so.

Coughlin has led the New York Giants to the playoffs and two Super Bowl wins in the last seven years. That is quite the result that every team in the NFL would want their head coach to have. So it is really the coaches fault?

After the Giants played their best game of the season, and yet came up to lose late Thursday night, Coughlin said, “You go back to work. You have to put everything you can into preparation and try and go win a game, just like you’d do under any other normal circumstance. We’re all sick of the losing, but we put ourselves in this position. So we keep striving to improve in the areas we need which we can be better.”

Yes, by now the locker room of the New York Giants is frustrated–we would all be.

But by no means have they given up on their coach just yet. NY Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano, agrees by saying “The locker room is very disappointed. The guys are frustrated, very frustrated naturally. But they will stay together. #NYG”

“We’re always confident, and that hasn’t changed and it won’t change,” Giants guard Kevin Boothe said. “This stinks, but we have a lot of proud guys in here that have won championships. That’s the culture of this organization and of this team, to never give up.”

Wide receiver Victor Cruz has come out and said that with these losses the guys just aren’t excited about the game anymore and that Coughlin has gone out of his comfort zone and tried to be more energetic on the field.

Cruz also talked about how the vibes in the locker room have begun to fall apart. It is almost like the Giant players are embarrassed of being Giants players. They used to do things like go out for team dinners and that they have been replaced by silence as the men leave the locker room.

In New York, their are a lot of fingers that are being pointed around when a team is not being successful. But no finger–not even Cruz’s–is

pointing at Coach Coughlin, who Cruz said is the “epitome” of Giants football.

Even with the 0-6 start, the Giants still have a chance to make the playoffs. This year the NFC East is the worst division in the NFL with the Cowboys and Eagles tied for first at 2-3 and the Redskins in third at 1-4.

The Giants, who won both Super bowls as a wild card have always seem to have had their backs on the wall and have come out swinging. But have they been pushed back too far? Can the Giants find a way to regroup and win?

By no means do I believe that the Giants are going to be like past years teams who know it is over and decide to give up. Coughlin will make sure that they play hard until the end, no matter the outcome. You’d better believe that the players are going to be backing him up every step of the way, they know it matters to Coughlin so it matters to them.

With Coughlin still leading the team, I do believe there is still hope. But they will need to turn it around fast.