Working in group projects for school can have a good or bad effect on a student, such as myself. You have some people that won’t put in as much work as others, and you have some that’s putting in all the work. The at the grand finale, the people who you hardly put in any work behind the scenes wants to have all the shine. But the people that have done most of the work don’t receive as much light just for the sake of peace within the group. In some situations you will find this to be true within the music industry. Artists aren’t exposing the fact that the music their presenting isn’t being written by them.

Not too long ago I heard of this situation that was happening between Drake and Meek Mil. Meek Mill exposed that fact that on his latest song, R.I.C.O, Drake used a ghostwriter. It’s been said that an Atlanta rapper, Quentin Miller, hasn’t received the respect that he deserves for writing some of Drake’s songs. the When R&B & Hip Hop use ghostwriters and are within a competitive business community, “That said, this is not the first time Drake has been accused of using someone else’s creation. Future believed he deserved publishing for inspiring Drake’s hit Started From the Bottom. But Future added that he’s ultimately not upset, and Miller clearly isn’t either. At the very least, it seems, when Drake uses other folks’ efforts, he makes it worth their while” (Ben Westhoff).  it shows a lack of creativity. Some artist are putting in hard work and use other legends that went on before them for inspiration. The controversy resides when these ghostwriters aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve.   

Other critics and artist think that the controversy that’s at hand isn’t that big of deal. Like for Drake, his creativity his proven through his songs and how the historical fame that his songs receive from the public. His stature is much more polished and memorable than Meek Mill. So could ghostwriters still receive the benefits behind the scenes?

Artist from R&B & Hip Hop music industry have a standard that they abide by when it comes down to their craft being put on the forefront. This conversation about the controversy with ghostwriter’s was exposed to the public when a tweet from Dream Hampton concerning Jay Z writing most of Nas 2008 album. The problem doesn’t reside when critics talk about this issue. But the problem resides when other artist are being in the hard work to present natural art pieces while other artist aren’t getting more publicity while using the creativity of someone else. The fact that these artist that are accused of using ghostwriters on their albums and the ghostwriters are turning down these rumors just makes the conversation even more of a relevant issue in the industry.

This conversation is still relevant and is causing a lot of beef between artist in the R&B and Hip Hop industry. Still to this day no one will ever know what’s the truth. Are artists like Beyonce, Drake, Usher, or Nas using ghostwriters? Are ghostwriters getting the proper respect that they deserve?