Time efficiency means everything to Millennials. People obsess over the new apps that give them a quick efficient solution to their problems. Waze App was created to find the quickest route around traffic jams. The Starbucks App made an on-the-go no linefeature. Snapchat and iMessage send pictures, thoughts, and emoijs in less than a second.

These are only a few of the Apps that depict our generation’s need and accessibility for efficiency.

Weve always been this way though, haven’t we? As Americans, we are always looking for a way to get rich quick. Another obsession our culture has coveted is the get skinny quickmindset. Americans have always looked for the quick fix with weight. This fix has usually been unhealthy and backed only by sketchy research.

photo credit: http://www.amalajuices.com/juicy-news/2015/5/26/juice-cleanses-is-the-latest-detox-diet
photo credit: Amala Juices 

Recently everyone is turning gluten free, joining yoga classes, and shopping at Whole Foods. Health is the new norm, but the idea of getting skinny quick is still so tempting.

This is why the juice cleanse has exploded. Although people are now into eating right and well, getting skinny quick still seems pretty glamorous. With some research to support the fad, the new craze to help americans reach their preferred body type is the Juice Cleanse. Kristen Domonell in The Daily Beast says that the juice cleanse has become so mainstream, many of my clients feel like they’re doing something wrong if they haven’t tried at least one.

These juice cleanses are all about prioritizing health while losing weight. The individual on the cleanse is required to only drink fruit and vegetable liquids for a certain amount of time, ranging from 1 to 5 days. Throughout the duration of the cleanse, the body is being detoxified. Which means all sugars and “harmful” things are being flushed out of the body. Domonell notes that it is a great metabolism resetbut if you’re on it for an extended period of time it messes with your metabolism.A tremendous amount of weight can be lost relative to the short amount of time that the cleanse takes place. However, much of this weight is purely water weight which youll likely gain back after the cleanse is complete.” 

Juice cleanses might appear to be a short term fix, U.S news writer Amir Khan argues that they are neither effective nor safeas a long-term solution for weight loss. Only drinking the liquid cleanse for a certain amount of days will cause the body to lose weight, because the amount of calories being taken in are much less than a normal diet. Cleanses consist of the juice squeezed out of fruits and/or vegetables but Domonell reports that research shows that whole fruits are more beneficial than juices preventing diabetes, helping you feel full, and satisfying daily fiber requirements.” 

But, cleanses aren’t the worst thing in the world either. Some people feel physically and emotionally better while on a cleanse and do not do it for the get skinny quickmindset. People might have more energy and crave less sugars after a cleanse. Cleanses are great to reset the body of unhealthy cravings and detoxify it. The Daily Beast says that juice cleanse can prevent you from being able to act on your usual emotional, social, environmental and habitual eating triggers, which can be the first step to breaking unhealthy patterns.

However writer Cari Nierenberg argues that the body does not need any help in getting rid of toxins. The body is built magnificently and as a whole works together someway, somehow so well that not even humans can grasp. This brings up the question that if the body can detoxify itself all on its own, then what is the purpose of a juice cleanse if losing weight is not on the agenda? The only healthy way to go about a cleanse is to not have the intention of losing weight but rather the desire of a crave-less lifestyle.

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