Entertainment News Fumbles Avengers Story


Entertainment reporters all over the world experienced a shake up recently. On Saturday, April 14 news hit that the upcoming Avengers Infinity War was not going to come all together, at least not in Indonesia. A report came out saying the Indonesian theatrical cut of Avengers Infinity War was seven minutes shorter than the full run time. That, combined with a vague statement from Indonesia’s Film Censorship Institute, lead audiences to conclude that Indonesia was censoring a section of Avengers Infinity War.

Poor Infinity War co-director Joe Russo learned the news in the middle of a Singapore press conference. He was incredibly surprised and seemed unsure what section of the movie could have been censored.

Fans, on the other hand were intrigued. Many film websites picked up the story, and fans could only help but wonder. What could it mean that a government deemed a section of Infinity War too saucy? Could those sacred seven minutes include sex? Graphic violence? An anatomically correct hulk transformation sequence?  What did Indonesian censors deem too dangerous for their precious thirteen-year olds, and could it be the sequence that makes or breaks infinity war?

After whole days of speculation and wonder, the story was faker than one of Loki’s holograms. The Indonesian Film Censorship Institute updated their statement to say that Avengers Infinity War received no censorship. The initial report was a misunderstanding based on IMDB’s listed runtime. Turns out IMDB’s listed runtime for Infinity War was incorrect, saying the film was seven minutes longer than it was. Que sad trombone.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here. I am excited for Infinity War, as every geek in world is required to be. However, perhaps we are a little too eager for every and any piece of news surrounding the movie. Entertainment websites struggle to keep up with the constant demand for articles, allowing an atmosphere where an untrue story could circulate this effectively. A number of entertainment websites like Screenrant have, at the time of this writing, failed to update or correct this story.

Perhaps some patience is required of the Avengers fans of the world. While wanting to read about an upcoming movie is fine, be careful lending credence to every rumor less misinformation surface, like id did here. Or maybe the whole story was an evil plot from Thanos to confuse loyal Marvel fans. Either way.