After a spellbinding performance from Beyoncé during halftime of the Super Bowl, there was one lingering question in the minds of many viewers:

Was Beyoncé possessed by the devil?

There has been much speculation as to whether Beyoncé is connected to the Modern Illuminati, a secret society that allegedly controls large events through governments and corporations. The Illuminati, because of its similar groundings, has been linked by some to the occult and satanic worship. Both exist today and find footholds in modern society.

Beyoncé may be one such foothold. Her half-time performance was not the first time speculated affiliations with satanism and the Illuminati surfaced but rather a culmination of a long line of direct connections that have become impossible to avoid. To reveal these correlations, we must look at Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, her performance persona, “Sasha Fierce,” and the origins of satanism itself.


1. Super Bowl

Though Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was indeed energetic and entertaining, the gestures, picture graphics, and even costumed outfits were grippingly occult in nature, according to some online commenters. This video from Good Fight Ministries outlines the many connections between the sinister superstar’s masquerade and satanically originated symbols. Within the Super Bowl performance itself, the Illuminati triangle, inverted pentagram, goat head baphomet, Hindu Goddess Kali, Gemini twins, and even occult worship are all signified in specific ways. These connections are deliberate and numerable, honing in on the overarching idea of demonic possession, according to Good Fight Ministries.


2. Sasha Fierce

Beyoncé identifies Sasha Fierce as her alter-ego, or performance persona. Sasha Fierce is essentially a symbolic representation of allowing evil to take over in order to gain success. Sasha Fierce is different from Beyoncé—much like the Gemini twins illuminated in her Super Bowl performance—one is evil, the other good, and Sasha Fierce is certainly no angel. She is characterized as aggressive, sultry, strong, and sexually confident. Beyoncé claims to be more reserved and shy—the exact opposite of her evil counterpart. The artist promoted this alter-ego aggressively when she came out with her third album titled I Am… Sasha Fierce. Though the dual persona allows Beyoncé to be fearless and to attack her onstage performances, it remains to be seen whether Sasha Fierce will win out in the end.


3. Satanism

Observers insist satanism and the Illuminati cult have been referred to in much of Beyoncé’s work as an artist, especially in her performances and her personified alter-ego Sasha Fierce. Satanism itself is a broad term that shares symbolic association with and even admiration of Satan. Practices differ widely but the symbols connected to the belief system prevail.

So what do we do with these connections? Whether intended or not, it is clear that aspects of satanic origin have infiltrated our society and the music industry. However, this information is not presented to condemn Beyoncé. It is shown to create awareness of her—to simply be aware.

We must be mindful of what surrounds us and take care that it does not influence us in a negative way. Because the correlations seem too plausible to ignore, they must be addressed, but in a way that reminds us to be conscious of what goes on around us. We are in charge of ourselves, but because of that, we must be aware of others.

Let the dual persona of Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce remind us that we all have good and evil within us. But what matters most is the side with which we choose to act upon. So be alert and be reminded that it is the good parts of humanity, not the evil, that benefit society.

Even though Beyoncé has not denied these allegations, and in her documentary talks about being a Christian, these associations still stand.

Is Beyoncé symbolizing satanism and the Illuminati to simply be controversial or does she actually believe what she has promoted? The purpose of posing this information is not to make a claim about this question, but rather to put the question out there.

Let me put the question to you: What do you think? Has Beyoncé been possessed by the devil?