Celebrity Endorsements: 2020 Election Edition

By Christy Kim

With the elections fast approaching in less than 24 hours, it is the proper time to reflect on the way this particular election has impacted the generations, both old and young. The specific realm of influence that celebrities hold in shaping public opinion. They are important in younger demographics. Each well-known figure has endorsed his/her pick for the 2020 election is worth mentioning.

On the Democratic side, there are a lot more public celebrity endorsements, as the inclusion of LBTQ+ rights, BLM, and pro-choice are hot button topics of concern.

The cast of the famous Marvel franchise, The Avengers, such as Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana helped host a fundraiser for the Biden & Harris Campaign. It was appropriately titled, “Voters Assemble! The Cast of the Avengers united for Democracy.”

Selena Gomez, a famous Disney star actress and singer/songwriter, endorsed Senator Kamala Harris on her Instagram live. The two addressed the importance of voting blue, otherwise known as the color of the Democratic party, to support people who struggle with mental health issues.

There are several celebrities who took to social media to make their personal political opinions known to the public. There was Beyonce, who shared an Instagram boomerang wearing a Biden and Harris face mask. She encouraged Texan voters to go to the polls and make their opinions known.

Harry Styles, a former famous boy band member and singer/songwriter, took to Twitter to quote a Joe Biden campaign video captioning it, “If I could vote in America, I’d vote with kindness.” This strongly portrayed his personal opinions on the 2020 election.

Mariah Carey, another well known music artist, also took to Instagram to post a video of her “I voted” sticker. She wanted to encourage her fan base to vote and make young voices known in this crucial election.

 Celebrity Endorsements in the Presidential Election

GOP endorsements

On the Republican side, there have not been quite as many public endorsements in favor of President Trump, but there have been some notable ones.

Lil Pump, or the infamous “Gucci Gang” rapper, was present at a Trump rally. He was donning a Make America Great Again hat. Stephen Baldwin, brother to famous actor Alec Baldwin, tweeted out his support for Trump. The “gospel is truth battle already won #Trump2020.”

Dennis Quaid, another well known Hollywood actor, publicly praised Trump’s effort of “getting the American people what they need” in an interview that he gave to The Daily Beast this past April.

Through the means of social media, entertainment broadcasts, and news outlets, the entertainment world has made its voice heard among the masses. The young voters of America have seen the impacts of their favorite actresses, actors, and singer-songwriters cast their ballots. Now, it is their turn to make an impact this 2020 Presidential Election.

In a few short hours, it will be known how successful the broad entertainment industry has been in influencing the average American voter. The 2020 election might turn out to be an important milestone for entertainers reshaping public policy and the political climate.

The expansive influence of social media and the influencers it contains, both in the entertainment industry and beyond, will play a key role tomorrow. For the young readers out there, stay involved and stay updated.

The future is happening; it is now.