Last week, on February 12, a well-known rapper from Chicago made history at the Grammy awards. As he ran on stage declaring his faith, Chance the Rapper received his third Grammy for his Best Rap Album, “Coloring Book”.

The 23-year old made history not only because of his three Grammy awards, but because he was the first African American hip-hop artist to win the Best Rap Album award for streaming-only music. Chance has made it known to be possible to be successful without being signed to a major recording label. His worth ethic, talent, and personal beliefs has out shined his fellow rappers Drake and Kanye West.

“I didn’t think we were going to get this one,” said Chance, who also won best performance and best new artist.

In spite of winning these awards, Chance always had one thing on his heart and mind, Chicago. His talent was first developed as a young teen at Jones College Prep High School. He was well-known for his rapping skills and inspired many other young rappers like him from Chicago. Not only has he impacted young artists like himself, he has also impacted others from the city of Chicago as well. Young artists from Chicago are continually being influenced by Chance and are being exposed by the music industry. 17-year-old Kaotik, is an up and coming artist from Chicago. He has just released a mix tape and is hoping to have the same success like Chance.

Ever since he released his debut mixtape, 10 Day, Chance has been working hard to help out the youth and the less fortunate in Chicago as well. His charity, Warmest Winter, raised $60,000 to give coats to the homeless in Chicago. He has hosted open mike events for aspiring artists from Chicago with a chance to perform with legends like Kanye West. After a year of promoting the statement #SaveChicago, Chance received Chicago’s Outstanding Youth of the Year Award. Chance is continuously working hard to bring a change through his music, through activist projects, through community service, and much more.