Christmas Podcast

Christmas Podcasts for Those Traveling

By Jeremiah Thompson

Christmas time is for joy, celebration, and being with friends and family. Following all of that joy and celebration, however, is the stress of traveling and visiting relatives. During those times, a good podcast can help de-stress and even entertain you during those long periods of travel. Try out one of these 11 Christmas podcasts to fulfill your narrative desires.

Last year I traveled with my family to Barcelona for Christmas. The local airport was bustling with people, running by each other to catch their planes. I am never without my earbuds and my phone, so I was jamming to the tunes on my device. Looking around and waiting for our plane to start boarding, my eyes were beginning to close. To get in the spirit I wanted to listen to some Christmas stories, but I didn’t have any downloaded. Fortunately, there are podcasts that can fulfill that jolly narrative desire! Here are some Christmas podcasts for those looking for some Christmas stories.

A Very Hallmark Christmas

Are you into Hallmark movies? Well look no more, Loree and Rob spend time discussing the large variety of Christmas movies that Hallmark has made. Already into their second season, their desire to discuss Christmas movies knows no bounds. So join them as they explore the depths of Hallmark and the nearly uncountable movies that they have made over the years. You can find this podcast at this link.

Christmas Past

If you are like me and wonder where some of the many holiday traditions come from, then this is the podcast for you. Christmas Past discusses the many holiday traditions surrounding Christmas. Why do we place gifts under a Christmas tree? Why do we even have a tree in the first place? All of these things and more are discussed in this seasonal podcast! You can find a Christmas Past at this link here.

Weird Christmas Podcast

Looking for some stories that are strange and yet interesting? Well, this podcast may have what you need. With episodes like “Yule Lads and Icelandic Christmas” and “Weird Christmas Flash Fiction”, this podcast will fulfill your curious side. You can find the Weird Christmas Podcast at this link here.

Magi & The Quest for Christmas

Boasting that their podcast is a “movie-for-your-ears”, this podcast is an adventure comedy that’s perfect for car rides. You can find the Magi & The Quest for Christmas at this link here.

Celtic Christmas Podcast

There is Celtic music and there is Christmas music. In this podcast, you get the best of both. Celtic Christmas is a music podcast and you can find them at this link here.

The Christmas Stocking

This Podcast covers all of the Christmas bases. Lee Cameron talks about the various traditions and stories surrounding the holidays. They even play some traditional and original Christmas music to get you into the spirit! You can find the Christmas Stocking at this link here.

Welcome to Tinsel Town

This Christmas podcast, similar to Magi & The Quest for Christmas, takes you on a journey with the protagonist Holly. This story is great listening with your family. You can find Welcome to Tinsel Town at this link here.

Tinsel Tunes

Similar to some of the other Christmas podcasts on this list, Tinsel Tunes is a podcast that plays Christmas music. What makes this podcast special, however, is that they tell the stories surrounding those Christmas songs. Full of fun facts, this podcast is definitely worth a listen! You can find the Tinsel Tunes at this link here.

Tis the Podcast

Determined to spread Christmas cheer all year long, this podcast runs throughout the year. They discuss Christmas traditions, stories, and really anything that involves Christmas! You can check Tis the Podcast out at this link here.

Can’t wait for Christmas

Another year-long podcast, join comedian Tim Babb as he discusses all things Christmas. You can find Can’t Wait for Christmas at this link here.

Christmas Creeps

Finally, Christmas Creeps doesn’t focus on spooky movies as much as the really bad Christmas movies. They boast that this podcast is not for kids, so sit down with a glass of spiked eggnog and enjoy this podcast full of bad jokes and bad movies. You can find Christmas Creeps at this link here.