By: Lillian Mejia-Gautreau

Christy Kim is to all who know her an amazingly passionate person! 

Christy’s family was always moving around when she was a young child but her life really changed when her family had to move from Turkey to the united states in her junior year of high school. 

Because she had spent such a large portion of her life living in Turkey, the move was very difficult for her because of the culture shock she experienced. Not only that but moving away from the friends and family she had there was very difficult. She grew to resent her parents for making her move so far away from the country she grew up in and for making her have to go through such a difficult transition so late in her adolescent life. 

She really struggled with the disconnection she felt from herold life and this move impacted her in many ways, including where she went to college. 

Christy is a person who values friendship and loyalty. She says that loyalty is important to her, and that when she’s in a situation where she’s going through a hard time, she really appreciates having there for her for her. She says that this is something super meaningful to her. She believes that people who follow their words with actions are very trustworthy. When presented with the question of what she would do if she only had one day left to live, Christy said that she would eat all her favorite foods like sushi and burgers. 

She would also fly to Turkey with her family if she could but if not she would also go out to a movie and spend time with her friends. 

Christy is really motivated by her family, and is very inspired by how they have overcome so many hardships. She wants to make her parents proud but also wants to feel accomplished knowing that she has done things she can be very proud of. She wants to be able to look back at all of the hard times and say that she pulled through to the best of her ability. 

Knowing that at the end of the day she has done everything in her power to uphold her family’s legacy and to make them proud. Christy believes that her greatest weakness is how she can sometimes be a bit rash in situations where she’s feeling very emotional. 

When feeling the highs and lows of emotion like stress and anger Christy says that she can sometimes make decisions without thinking about their long term effect that it can have on the world around her which is definitely something I feel a lot of people including myself struggle with. 

When asked how christy wanted to be remembered she responded with saying that she wants to be known as a generous person with her time and resources. Its really important for her to be seen as someone who gave their 100% in everything she does which I find very inspiring. Overall she wants generosity to be what people remember her for. 

Growing up Christy wanted to be a journalist or a news anchor growing up because she is a very verbal person and enjoys sharing information and passionaly and honestly communicating with others. And as we know Journalism is all about truth. However nowadays Christy has shifted more into the realm of communications as a whole. She is now more into general media and public relations. 

I asked Christy who she would have a meal with if she could sit down and talk to anyone dead or alive and she responded with her great grandfather on her dad’s side. Her grandfather as a teenager escaped North Korea with her brother. 

They were tortured and it was a very scary time for their family. She would sit down with him and ask him and ask him how it was like to have to move to a whole new country especially when the relations between North and South Korea aren’t the best. 

She would also ask him how it felt to see his two sons leave in search of a better life. She says that she would love perspective on his life in Korea. 

Christy told me that a lot of things make her very happy but she said that something she really enjoys is online shopping which I can totally relate to. She loves hanging out with friends and talking to her parents as well as taking naps and resting after class. She also cares very deeply about social issues like climate change. She believes that the global impact of our carbon imprint is something that is going to catch up with us in the future and I wholeheartedly agree with her. 

She said that when she votes she’s going to choose a candidate who is going to do something for climate change because we all have to live on this planet and those choices affect all of us. 

She also said that sex trafficing and the porn industry is becoming a huge problem and that she wants to help create changes in the way the media portrays people, like sexualizing children or glirifying certain body types. 

I asked Christy’s sister how she would describe her sister and what their relationship is like and she responded by telling me that she believes her sister is a passionate individual who can often get people excited about things she is passionate about. She also said that while their relationship was rocky for a time they have definitely worked through it and gotten much closer over the years.