College professors have a life outside the classroom.

Ever wonder what college professors do outside the office?

While in class, we college students see our professors as the knowledgeable and sharp. They appear as poised adults with dissertation-level insights into complex subjects–some of which we never imagined could be researched. But their lives are so much more than that.

As soon as they step into their cars and head home, it is almost as if they immediately shed their professorships and gain titles such as: Papa, soccer dad, the gardening queen and countless more.

College: Real Lives, Real People

Between moving trees that aren’t perfectly centered, diving into dumpsters, and reading the American Girl books to better understand the opposite gender, there’s a lot we don’t know about the professors who spend their days making our college experience so much better.

Here’s your chance to glimpse past that esteemed curtain, into the backstory and nightlife of the people who grade your papers.

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