Controversy of Donal Trump
Billionaire Donald Trump is on the face of today’s political topic. The businessman began his campaign in June 2015. The republican candidate announced his bid for presidency at Trump Tower in New York City.

Donald Trump is now the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, attracting nearly half of Republican support, in the latest national poll. The unusual charm of the Trump Brand has been documented,mocked, admired, and mourned. So who are Trump’s consumers-who is buying this stuff and who is not?

The first consumers are the ones who are uninformed voters. Trump supporters are less engaged than the average likely primary voters, with a significant in one key area: which they are less informed on the issues. This means his voters are less likely that GOP primary voters to vote for a candidate based on the issues and they are less likely to keep up with a particular issue.
The Second Trump-supporter focuses on the typical demographics of- gender, race, and age. Back in December, Trump’s supporter suddenly shifted to male, white, and poor. The male-female gap was 19 percentage points (47 percent support among men versus 28 percent among women).

This controversy is applicable to the millennial age, because all age groups are involved in this upcoming election. These millennial are part of Trump’s support. Some of the ones who are turning out to vote for him include those who didn’t go to college. The best predictor of Trump support in the GOP primary is the absence of a college degree. “For every 1 percentage point more college graduates over the age of 25, Donald Trump’s share of votes falls by 0.65 percentage points”

The other Donald Trump’s supporters falls into the people who think they don’t have a political voice. A middle-aged white man who hasn’t graduated from college and feels voiceless is among his voters. For instance it is found out that Trump crushes Ted Cruz among voters who both strongly believe that “immigration threatens American customs and values” and among voters who favor raising taxes on the richest Americans. Though, people who agreed with the statement that “people like me don’t have any say about what the government does” were 86.5 percent more likely to prefer Trump. This sign of powerlessness and voiceless was a better predictor of Trump support than age, race, income, attitudes towards Muslims, illegal immigrants, or Hispanic identity.

On the other hand, Donald also have a strong anti supporters. One group would be women. Trump have several women in the politics and outside politics. With his pattern of insults directed to women, Trump is effected in a way. Poll released earlier showed Clinton leading Trump 60% to 33% among women in a hypothetical general election match-up.