A majority of people watch television as a source of entertainment. We don’t necessarily care for the production work that takes place behind the scenes.For Dave Jousma, this wasn’t the case.

Ever since high school, Dave, an audio visual coordinator at Trinity Christian College, always found himself working within the film production scenery. Coming from experience, most people take up their opinion about media, technological coordinators being geeks like sitcom character, Steve Urkel. But for Dave, it was more than just the coordinating film.

“I enjoy the whole process of collaborative effort, with a tangible result that you can see.”

The production process helps you enjoy the journey of creating incredible film pieces. Having a passion for something can allow you to experience new things concerning that gift. Dave started working with film at a young age. His passion, drive, and determination allowed him to experience different aspects within the world of film production.

“I was making film in high school with a super 8 film camera” Dave said, “I purchased a small editing system from Sears and made splices with tape.”

After high school, he realized that this was something that he wanted to work with for the rest of his life. He also found out that film wasn’t his only gift that he could work with.

“I graduated from the film/television program at Columbia College” Dave said, “It was a terrific experience, but I also took all the writing courses they offered and dabbled into radio.”

Because of having some experience as a teamster on different film sites, Dave was able to land his first job in Chicago while at Columbia.

“My first job was in 1978 when I was hired as a camera assistant to a cinematographer” Dave said, “We shot on 16mm film and I assisted with the lighting and I had to load the 16mm film in a black bag.”

Dave worked with nothing but the best while at Columbia. He expanded his talents by working on not only film, but writing and radio as well. After leaving Columbia, Dave received an opportunity to work within televised production for a long period of time.

“I worked in broadcast television production at the Christian Reformed Church agency, Back To God Ministries” said Dave, “It was tough in my final job there as production manager for their TV news magazine, Primary Focus.”

While working at his last job at Back To God Ministries, Dave was able to hire and work with some the top production camera and sound operators in the country.

After working there for a long period of time, Dave left that job and walked into another open door. He was qualified to have a fulltime position as the coordinator of audio visual services at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights.

“Currently I’m part of the Creative Services department with Tyler Minnesma and Justin Vander Waal and we’ve been working with some new tools to advance Trinity’s profile in video by doing quality work” said Dave, “ I do however continue to manage the day by day A/V on campus and Justin still has his job as lead tech, so that keeps us both busy.

With retirement in that 5 year plan, Dave still seeks to continue to work his passion out. But until then he wants to leave a note with anyone who has a passion and goal to have a career in the film production world.

“If you have the passion, that’s most important, but not all. You have to get the first job as close to what you want to do” said Dave, “Study and continue to learn before and after getting the job. Get to know the equipment, take workshops, I still do.”

So if you are thinking about taking up this career, don’t think twice about taking this advice from Dave. As you can see, his resume speaks for him.