Don’t know what to do for your 4-day break? Tired of staying on campus?

Consider this: Road tripping – a great way to spend less money and more time with friends and family.

Better yet, there’s no tied-down deal. Unlike a plane ticket, you can snap your fingers and skid-addle right now, or simply call it off last minute.

With Fall Break right around the corner, Millennial college students have been looking for vacation ideas to make the most out of the well-needed vacation. Since it’s not ideal to purchase an expensive plane ticket home for the short four-day break, most fall break plans are packed with retreats, camping trips, or simply recreation on campus. For most of these plans, it requires hours of driving on the highway across the country. This year, a significant amount of students will be going on a 7-hour road trip to Wisconsin to get away from campus and enjoy God’s creation.

Although road trips are affordable and suitable for short breaks during the school year, they can actually be very detrimental to your health. Imagine hours of sitting in the same position while traveling from state to state – it’s more harmful to your body than you think. But don’t worry; there are ways to avoid the damage road trips do to your body, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your vacation.

1. Weight Gain

Throw in a few bags of potato chips or some greasy onion rings. Popcorn, anyone? When you’re bored, your hand automatically grabs another handful of pretzels. Since you’ll be sitting for a long time, most of the junk food you consume will end up settling in your system, gaining the extra numbers you don’t want. So instead of giving in, limit your amount of fries and tater tots, and bring some healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Fatigue

Traveling in any form is very tiring, and with too much fatigue your body won’t be able to function during the vacation you’ve been anticipating. Before going on your road trip, be fully rested. Get at least 8 hours of sleep before traveling. During those long hours, take frequent naps. Stopping at resting stops to stretch your arms and legs is also a great way to fight fatigue.

If you’re the one driving, your concentration levels will swoop very low after a few hours staring at a long winding road. Make sure you have multiple drivers in your car to back you up – for safety as well as health.

3. Sunburns, Blood Clots, Back Pains

We often forget that it’s possible to get a sunburn while traveling by car. Sunscreen before the beach is obvious, but sunscreen before a car ride has always been overlooked. Before going on your road trip it’s important to bring SPF sunscreen and reapply it often – it’s important to do so because “a person’s risk for melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer – doubles if she or he has five or more sunburns.” It’s also helpful to wear hats, or for those who road trip more often, laminate the windshields.

Sitting for long hours, forgetting how to move can stop your blood circulation. This could lead to serious health risks, so remember to utilize resting stops at least every 3 hours. Print out or save on your smartphone stretching and exercise ideas to get your blood flowing before sitting for another 3 hours.

Technology today tries to create the most comfortable car seat, but it’s simply not impossible to do so. Even if you feel like you’re sitting comfortably, your back is not relaxing. Practice good posture during the trip, and bring firm pillows to support your back and neck.

4. Boredom

Long, long roads on the highway aren’t the most entertaining sight to watch. Make sure to bring movies, sing-a-long music, audio books, or games to play after everyone’s bored of taking naps.

5. Dehydration

Even usually, we’re never thoroughly hydrated. Especially on road trips, it’s easy to forget that keeping hydrated is very important. Bring ample amounts of water and make sure to take sips from time to time.

Now grab a few of your friends and go on an unforgettable, relaxing road trip for fall break. With these tips in mind, it’ll be easy to stay healthy and happy on the road!