Game Time: How Athletes are Getting Involved More Than Ever in the 2020 Election

By Michael Gehl

This election season more than the last there seems to be an increased encouragement to vote by athletes and the sports teams that they represent. Every Sunday NFL fields are plastered with encouragement to vote and the commercials that fill the ad breaks follow suit.

Athletes and coaches alike have come together to encourage voter turnout. Athletes like Russell Wilson, Super Bowl Champion, and likely NFL MVP were featured in a commercial this past week alongside his head coach who he won the Super Bowl with, Pete Carrol.

The two of them encouraged American citizens to come out and vote on election day. Wilson went as far as to inform the viewers of his plan to vote and how he went about the voting process. Other NFL coaches and players have made similar commercials such as Green Bay Packers Head Coach, Matt LaFleur, as well as Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints.

Outside of these commercials, athletes are also taking to social media to encourage voting. Lebron James, recent NBA Champion and star Forward for The Los Angeles Lakers, took to Instagram and encouraged his 74 plus million followers to not only vote but, to vote for Joe Biden.

Lebron was one of the few athletes who has actively promoted a candidate but not the only athlete who has posted on social media. DK Metcalf, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, posted a video on Instagram encouraging people to vote in his home state of Mississippi.

It is obvious that this year more than ever athletes are involved in the election process and they want you to be too.