By Cassidy Keenan

Frozen 2 is blowing up the box office as it approaches its third weekend playing in theaters. The animated sequel has already broken multiple records in terms of financial and critical success. The impact of the movie has been so strongly felt, in fact, that it has actually caused significant social and political turmoil in South Korea.

According to an article by the Hollywood Reporter, Disney is being faced with an anti-trust complaint from a South Korean civic group. The official complaint was that Disney has a monopoly on the current movie market. They alleged that Frozen 2 occupied more than 88 percent of Korean movie theaters on its opening day, a staggering number which violates the country’s anti-monopoly laws.

The complaint stated, “Disney has attempted to monopolize the screens and and seek great profit in the short term, restricting the consumer’s right to choose.” The article further suggested that “the inquiry into the Disney release is expected to further inflame the debate over major studio dominance of the country’s film market.”

Many prominent members of the domestic film market are aggravated by large cinematic corporations like Disney. It is a particularly sensitive issue in South Korea, where any film occupying more than 50 percent of the market is considered a violation of the law. Disney’s enormous releases tend to steal the limelight from other films and corporations. Many believe that letting Disney’s releases run for so long, and in so many different theaters, takes away from the revenue of other movies.

Frozen 2 has also caused aggravation in South Korea on the social media scene. An article in The Telegraph describes the backlash. Apparently, there was an outpouring of anger from movie-goers who were aggravated by unruly children in the audiences. Many complained that the children would not stop talking or fidgeting, ruining the experience. According to the article, “some have even gone so far as to demand that cinemas ban children from some screenings of Frozen 2.”

This in turn caused a flood of backlash. Aggravated parents responded by pointing out that children are in fact the intended audience of Frozen 2, and those who would complain ought to “grow up.”

It is clear that this fun-filled children’s movie has had an enormous impact, in ways that producers both did and surely did not anticipate.

Globally, Frozen 2 is certainly one of the most impactful animated movies to date. It broke the record for the most money ever made for a film that opened over a holiday weekend ($126.3 million).

It was also the highest-grossing Monday and Tuesday in the month of November for North American box offices ($12.8 million and $20.8 million respectively). It is predicted to be well on track to surpass the original movie by the end of its run in theaters. And it has received generally positive reviews from almost every established critic.

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