Future Presidency: Who Will Provide the Solution for COVID-19?

By Christy Kim

Covid-19: a nation-wide pandemic that has completely transformed the climate of the United States in both lifestyle and politics. The resolution of this pressing disease has become a hot button voting issue among the different generations of voters.

As the 2020 Presidential Election comes to a conclusion, it is important to note the different strategic plans each candidate has in store to finally put the case of COVID to rest.

The Republican candidate and current president, Donald Trump, is critiqued for his general attitude and dismissal of the current events at hand. He has specifically contradicted top public-health officials by saying that masks are voluntary and blaming increased testing as the source for the rise in COVID cases.

Trump’s administration has gone as far as saying that asymptomatic people did not need to be tested, despite the fact that asymptomatic cases can also pass along the virus even without noticeable symptoms.

The Democratic candidate, Joseph Biden, has contrasted the aforementioned opinions by emphasizing his desire to let scientists lead the response to the coronavirus as we know it. He has affirmed and highly encouraged the practice of wearing masks diligently and promised to expand testing. 

100,000 contact tracers?

There are specific categories within approaching COVID-19 that are essential to note when it comes to the ways voters picked. When it comes to the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control, Trump has often downplayed the recommendations of the CDC scientists on reopening businesses, testing cases, and mask wearing. On the Democratic front, Biden has a plan for hiring more disease detectives at the CDC.

Another important category is contact tracing. Trump’s current actions have been to deter any additional funding for contact tracing, whereas Biden’s plan is to enlist at least 100,000 contact tracers to help with the spotting of new cases throughout the country.

In terms of alleviating the financial burdens, Trump has put the CARES Act into motion. This provides payments to individuals who earn up to a certain amount of revenue. Biden has proposed an emergency fund that would offer tax refunds and cash payments to vulnerable Americans.

COVID Vaccine Will Be Free

Despite their political spectrums and differing opinions on this particular issue, Trump and Biden also have their points of agreement. They both believe that a vaccine should be free for all Americans. Biden has pushed an incentive for emergency funding for loans for small businesses and grade school education during the pandemic.

It is crucial, now more than ever, to consider both candidates in order to make a difference with COVID-19. The world has been on pause for months, and cases have begun to rise yet again. The 100,000 new COVID cases per day have shattered the ceiling.

The newly elected president of the United States will have big shoes to fill, or continue to fill. Experts say it is imperative to hold onto hope. People need to believe that actions will be taken, campaign promises will be kept, and a difference will happen. Regardless of whoever wins, Americans agree it is time for COVID to end.