(Warning – May contain spoilers)

Last Friday I watched the new movie by Jordan Peele and I have to say it was much realer than I had thought it would be going in. A little on my background, I am a black male on my college basketball team…oh and I also have a girlfriend who is white. I absolutely love movies and I love to find movies that can make me feel some sort of discomfort because it means the movie was executed well enough to appeal to my emotions. This movie did so tenfold.
The movie was able to appeal with a fear that many black men have: falling for a white woman with a racist family. Me personally I have dealt with racism before so I’m not new to it, however this movie was different in that Chris (the star of the film) was more alone than he thought he was. Nothing is scarier than believing you have someone in your corner, the person who has the power to hurt you more than anyone else…actually do it.
The movie was able to hit a primal fear of mine and I commend Jordan Peele for his exemplary work with this film. He was able to get people out of their comfort zone and into fear without the use of a bunch of jump scares or your average horror movie tricks. I recommend it to everyone no matter if you’re black, white, green, orange, or blue. The movie was masterfully executed with a little something for everyone who watches.