In a class I took, we learned a concept of going to nature to learn things about God. Something I wanted to learn was how to trust better. I sat on a rock at the top of a hiking trail and observed my surroundings, watching lizards scurry around, trees blowing in the slight breeze, and the sun slowly setting. I noticed the trees seemed a little dry, the leaves a bit brown, in noticing this I learned what it means to trust in God.

Trees will go periods of time without rain, and maybe somedays won’t get as much sunlight as they need. But we don’t see trees “freaking out” that maybe God doesn’t know what he’s doing, trees continue to function and survive, knowing that they will be okay because they know God is God! In thinking about this, I remembered middle school science class, when leaves fall to the ground, they eventually break down and provide nutrients for the soil, helping prepare for more plants to grow in the spring and also create a layer that helps the ground absorb water, which eventually will also help the tree hydrated. Concluding that when trees may be struggling, their leaves fall which brings help to the ground, giving the struggle a purpose and a plan.

This is a metaphor for trusting in God, because when we are struggling and going through a “dry” season, God is using these struggles for a purpose greater than ourselves. He never fails, and even though we feel we are “drying up”, our struggle will be for a purpose, and the rain will come. He has a plan, greater than what we can imagine, and if we just wait, we will see His plan unfold and he will give us what we need to “bloom in the spring”. By knowing and acknowledging that He is in control, and finding comfort in the waiting, we do what it means to trust in God, the same way nature does.