An appalling problem returns when the public ruminates over their safety and their liberty. Whenever the incidents occur, the debate becomes a spectacle and politics takes steps to addressing the problem. The heat of the problem is gun violence: tragic shootings occur periodically in the US, and the public is split on how to resolve the problem.

On the other hand, the Second Amendment proposes the right to bear arms and have militias. People advocate for access to guns and the right to defend themselves. Considered an inalienable right, the gun advocates support their liberty to possess firearms, from moderate supporters to gun nuts. Their ultimate civic interest is keeping a society with proper access to a means of self-defense and support for their rights.

On the other hand, the gun control advocates want to regulate or ban forms of firearms, or they want gun-free legislation. Advocates for gun control concern over the safety of their communities, rise in shootings and crime, and the accessibility of guns. What is the proper age to have a gun? Should guns be allowed? What licenses or background checks? The issue is people die and public responsibility asserts that a resolution should come to prevent further shootings from occurring. For these advocates, they take a moderate stance of a few regulatory advances or they want the guns to be banned.

Firearms have been a hot issue for a long time. The Columbine Shooting brought attention to a terrible loss of life. Shootings continue to prompt debate over licensing and background checks around guns. When another shooting occurs, the same lines re-appear about the Second Amendment or the need to have safer schools. The controversy sometimes jumps onto other platforms like violent video games or mental illness. Whichever case, the problem prolongs itself and continues with contesting voices.

A poll mentions how half of the American public wants to prioritize gun rights, and the other half wants to prioritize safety. Gun control is a contested issue, and it remains a difficult controversy to resolve in the United States. It will continue to impact the lives of Americans, whether they want a gun-free society or a gun-holding society. The hot topic will continue to press the public when shootings bring the debate to the media. Concerning justice, this issue will turn out to be a taut tug-of-war between those who think disparaging their gun rights is unjust or those who think inaction is unjust.

With recent school shootings, students themselves feel pressured to speak on behalf of guns. Events such as marches come about to bring awareness. Many students voice their worries that inaction on gun control will inevitably lead to more shootings in more schools. For other students, there is support for guns to remain.

President Donald Trump addressed the NRA and dealt with peculiar political tension. When there were student protests on gun violence, the President responded with actions to calm the public. For the NRA and their advocates, the push towards gun reform from the President made his support waver. The call for age restrictions on guns from the President had not appealed to parts of his political base.