Facebook’s Live feature has been out for just shy of a year, April 16 to be exact.

At first, people were skeptical about this feature, but now it has become a very popular addition to social media. Instagram added this feature once the popularity of it was noticed.

What makes this so popular? Why does everyone want to document what they’re currently doing?

First, let’s talk about its uses.

One popular use that I have seen it used for is business. You know those companies that people join in on the side that tell you-you can make a living off of? Lularoe, Mary Kay, ItWorks, Advocate, and so on. Well, a new way to sell these products to your friends, family, and acquaintances is to demonstrate it live to all your followers.

It’s a definitely and new, innovative way to sell these products, and it seems to be effective.

Another popular use I have seen is for news. I get notifications at least once a day from Buzzfeed News if Sean Spicer or President Trump is doing something interesting. They cover all the rallies and protests. It seems to be a pretty great way to keep citizens in the know of what is going on around the world and be notified right away as well. Pretty cool, right?

The news isn’t just at 5 o’clock before dinner anymore.

So the third use I have noticed the Live feature is used for is personal. People are eager to let others know what’s happening in their lives, daily routines or something exciting.

I have watched my share of concerts, beach waves, travels, and snow storms through Facebook Live. For some reason I find the exciting things happening in other people’s lives entertaining. When people are doing new and interesting things, they want to document it, because it is pretty cool.

On top of exciting things, people also just want to show what is happening in their daily lives. Is your cat being nice to you today? Is your baby doing something funny? The dog learned a new trick? Prank happening at work? Document it. It has become almost an instinct to want people to know what is happening with us, so Facebook Live is a good outlet for that.

There are a lot of different uses for the trending use of Facebook Live. It is intriguing to see the different things that people want others to see.

Will the uses of it alter in the future? How much can they vary?

I definitely think that is is an interesting trend that we’ll all be following, mainly because we get notifications when someone goes live.