Caribbean Vacation Beach Hammock

There are many benefits to vacationing: renewed sense of creativity, a cleared mind, new energy and most importantly rest. Spring Breakers have, are and will be enjoying times of fun and relaxation leaving the stresses of schoolwork, the office and even social drama behind.

But packing your bags to head back to reality, or worst, the cold, is the most excruciating  part of any vacation. I must say leaving Florida after eight days of fun in the sun with four good friends, and being welcomed back by 20 degree weather, was the worst part of my vacation. I needed to find a way to maintain all of the positive lessons learned in the sunny state and to avoid Post Spring Break Depression (PSBD).

And while you can’t bring back the sand, sun, or warm weather, there are ways to maintain you’re newly cleared mind, refreshed body and renewed energy.

1. It’s proven that after being on vacation, your mind has a renewed sense of creativity. Distance, even psychological distance, allows the mind to clear the cobwebs, break down the walls of routine and renew its energy. But don’t waste this new creativity by coming back and falling into the same routine. To replicate the quietness of vacation, tune out the constant noise for a few moments each day. Ways to build your brainpower:

  •  Turn your cell phone, computer, TV, iPad and all technology off for 30 minutes a day. Dedicate this time to thinking about new ideas and jotting down some new goals. Think about ways that you can achieve these goals and the steps that you need to take. 
  • Take 15-30 minutes before getting in or out of bed, to think about your goals for the day and to simply think.
  • Go for a walk or a swim. It builds brainpower.
  • Travel to a nearby town and walk around in a new neighborhood and observe.

There are many other things that could work for you, just be sure to take time to allow your brain to work for you.

2. Being away gives you a renewed sense of reality. Being in one place or setting for a long time can be smothering. After visiting Florida for a week, I realized that the world was much bigger than the one I had created in my mind. So here are ways to avoid going back into the slump:

  • Don’t just stay home! At least once a week, plan a time to go into a different part of town and visit a store that you have never been to. A good place to start is to go on GroupOn and search for deals in the town you’re interested in. There are a huge range of   options, from restaurants, hot yoga classes, discounted flying lessons and more. 
  • Begin planning your next trip. When you have something to look forward to, you will be motivated to work harder to get there. Build a budget
  • Join a club, or take a class, that’s completely unrelated to your work. Something that you’re interested in and never make time to do on your own. Language classes are great for this.

3. Create memories. When you can remember the lessons learned and the new things you’ve learned about yourself –whether you use a visual image, a physical object, or a written word — you are more likely to remain motivated about your new goals.

  • Write down the new things you’ve learned about yourself: Blog, talk to people, make a collage and hang it plain site, create an inspiration board on Pinterest.
  • Whatever you need to do to keep a daily reminder!

Remember, that PSBD is a very real matter, but by following these steps and conforming them to your specific creative ways, will be a sure first step to retaining the benefits of Spring break, or any vacation.