The industry, which is the record labels, control and manipulate the artists. Every person who wants to make it big is looking forward to get a record deal, so they can start living the life. They will do whatever it takes, which can be good and also be bad. The industry doesn’t know talent or how to use it. New York rapper Jay Z is a great entrepreneur, but is not very lyrical. That’s what not people think or they don’t know that, because he is sending all these messages that if you have nice jewelry, clothes, cars, girls, and making money, then you can be the best rapper, lyrically. That’s not the case.

This was disproved in an interview with New York rapper Papoose, who said, “A lot of people try to take you away from this and put other things in the way to insinuate that being a gangster or having money makes you a great artist. That doesn’t make you a lyricist. That makes you what it is”. He also said, “If you don’t feel like you are the best, then what are you in it for”? This is saying that rappers should feel like they have to be the best rapper, but they should not overdo it. Papoose also talked about Kanye wearing a skirt and how that was destroying hip hop by making it feminine. He also says that battle rappers and other underground rappers are the real lyricists. The industry is trying to keep them out from getting signed because they know they would drop some dope music more than the rappers that are already there. Those rappers will probably leave and find another job. There is politics in everything. The industry uses politics with their marketing strategies to decide how artists should make music. This is where the Illuminati comes in. These record executives are all about making money and controlling the music industry. The Illuminati back then had those same goals of controlling an area of society or all of it.

In Jay Z’s video, “On to the Next One”, there is a lot of eeriness with everyone wearing black, including him. There was a guy that had a tattoo and two ram’s skulls with its horns that resembled the demon Baphomet. Also, there were wings of a black bird, white and black mist and other symbols resembled Baphomet. There was a line where he said, “I got a million ways to get it. Choose one”. He is saying that there is a lot of ways to get money, which is very Illuminati-like.




Some artists are very open about them being in the Illuminati such as rapper Jay Z, who calls himself JayHovah and rapper Kanye West calls himself Yeezus. Pop stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have also been the subject of controversy. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse performance at the 54th Grammy Awards, where she was performing satanic rituals. Some artists are secretive about it and don’t want people to know they’re in it or they’re too scared to speak up about it. Some artists are trying to get out of it. Some rappers are will proclaim they’re in it just to get attention such as rapper Rick Ross claiming that he was a freemason and a Gangster Disciple. Artists like him do it to get people talking. A quote from battle rapper Mike P said, “They see me and think Illuminati. Well I don’t. A hidden message is a message and a redeye quote that third for Ave stuffed in a mason jar. In hell I rose because to never try angles I would have to sell my soul”. Then in the Bible it says, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul (Mark 8:36)” and “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24)”. Finally, the most important passage about money is, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs (1 Timothy 6:10)”. These executives are controlling them and telling them what to do. They don’t care about how good the artist is, they just want to sell records to make money.



Chicago rapper Montana of 300 said it best, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”. What you can take from this is if you want to become an artist, it is important to know yourself, but when you are about the sign the contract, you really don’t know what you’re going to get yourself into. They could promise you all this stuff and you wind up broke one day. Or they will make you do something ridiculous for a huge amount of money. All of this evidence is proving that a dark force exists within the industry. People have been questioning whether the Illuminati is real or not. I think this Illuminati is the descendant of the one founded in the 1800’s, but the real question is “Is it the Illuminati or is it just the people”? Tupac predicted it when he released the album “Makaveli, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory”. Whether they caused it or not, there is a dark force in the music industry. In order to prevent this, the record labels need a background check or make sure that everybody treats the artists with respect and thinks about their interests. If they don’t do this, they might have to be fired or reevaluated. Since they have so much power, it’s going to be hard to stop them. We can’t fix something that we don’t have control of. We have to just pray as Christians and hope they have a change of heart.  

Young teenagers in Chicago such as Chief Keef, put the drill music scene on for the city. He was only 16 when he got signed to Interscope Records and dropped his debut album “Finally Rich” in 2012. Two years later due to legal cases and arrests, he was dropped from Interscope. Rapper Famous Dex, put on for his gang. Famous Dex started out as a drill rapper named Black Migo Dex.  Then he slowly evolved and did his own thing. He started his own music clique DDB and started blowing up. Years later he was signed by rapper Rich the Kid to his “Rich Forever” label. His friends and people that he hung with felt like he left them. They think that money changed him and he did it for some clout. There’s two sides to every story, we’ve heard their part, but we haven’t heard his part of the story. Another rapper claimed that Dex made false accusations against him and that person feels like Dex is a fake. Another rapper claimed that he use to let Dex sleep in his house on the floor and they were struggling together. This shows you that the industry can turn your best friends into your enemies.

Michael Jackson stopped the music at one of his concerts to tell his fans about the music industry. He told people that they would assume that all he thinks about is music, and that is true, but that is not the case. He talked about a person at Sony named Tommy Mottola and how evil of a person he is. He talked about Mariah Carey crying because of how controlling Mottola is. Michael was getting tired of the way Sony was treating him, so he became a co-owner of the label. He could do whatever he wants with his money and however he wants to do it. He’s his own boss.

Jas Prince, son of J Prince, discovered Drake and brought him to Cash Money Records in 2008. Him and his father J Prince sued Birdman in 2015 for not getting the money they were promised. They settle out of court. Then two years later, they were hit with another lawsuit claiming they were supposed to pay Aspire Music Group Drake’s managing label, 4 million. Prince owns most of the label. Prince’s father James, owns Rap-A-Lot Records and is taking Lil Wayne’s side because Wayne himself is suing Birdman for unpaid royalties. You would think that Lil Wayne would own his own label, but that’s not the case. Never judge a book by his cover. Just because a rapper or artist might look like their life is going smooth. They got all the money, girls, cars and everything they want out of life, you don’t what they’re going through. You don’t see what happens behind the scenes. You just see the finished product. Lil Wayne is living in a box in a figurative way, because he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world and is miserable because of Cash Money Records not letting him release “Tha Carter 5 album. Wayne sued the label for 51 million dollars. You can see and imagine the frustration in Wayne as he expressed on his Twitter.


Lil Wayne WEEZY F


To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.

50 Cent has his own label G Unit and is going into other avenues like having his own alcohol brand, Effen Vodka, writing a book with Robert Green called the “50th Law”, having an endorsement deal with Vitamin Water, doing movies, etc. Tupac was not just a rapper, but he wrote books, poetry, acted in movies such as “Juice and Above the Rim” and even spoke intelligently in interviews. There were so many layers to him.  He was a revolutionary and philosophical. His mom molded him into the man that he came to be.

Nick Cannon, who used to be a rapper, acted in a lot of movies, was a correspondent on “America’s Got Talent”, and is not on there no more due to what they wanted him to do. That was negative and something that he wasn’t going to take a stand for. He still has his own show, “Wild N Out”. Rapper Ti used to behave recklessly and get into a lot of trouble. He grew up in Atlanta without a father and was in a bad neighborhood. He went through a lot. He left the industry but he drops music and every now and then. Now, he left all that behind and has his own reality show. He is one of the most articulate and intelligent artists because he pronounces every word and doesn’t talk like a rapper. He is outspoken about politics and the Black Lives Matter movement.

David Banner who used to be a rapper, left the industry to do his own thing. In his Breakfast Club interview, he said that he had an addiction to Hennessey. He knew he needed help and he wasn’t happy. He spiraled into a depression and got the help he needed. He went to a doctor and was told that he needed to find his spirit. He did change and was elaborating about what Dave Chappelle said, “A lot of rappers and a lot of entertainers won’t tell you the truth”. Banner himself stated, “I believe hip-hop has given in to white supremacy.”

Therefore, we must stay on guard because the Devil always is trying to get us. That’s why we have to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. We need to have our own businesses. You shouldn’t even want to be a rapper. If you fall off and are unsuccessful, or if you approaching your 40’s, and have a family, you have to start reevaluating your life. You are not going to be rapping forever, so what are you going to do after that setback? You have to find something else to do. If you are going to be a rapper, you have to mentally prepare yourself. Therefore, when you sign a contract, you need to get a lawyer so you can make sure they are fulfilling their side of the contract and are paying you what you’re supposed to receive. Artists like Chance the Rapper are doing their thing independently and he has turned down record deals. He has also made fun of them. He is a community activist and has donated millions to Chicago public schools. This is why you should stay independent and make your own money. The message is, “Don’t let people take advantage of you and

stand up for yourself and say something.”

A lot of people are saying that the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. I want to tell you that is not true. These artists were killed but that wasn’t the reason why. They certainly were killed for speaking up and telling the truth. They were killed because the things they were doing or involved in caught up to them. Michael Jackson was killed because he had an addiction to prescription drugs. Tupac Shakur and the whole Death Row Records crew flew to Las Vegas to see a Mike Tyson fight and they jumped a gangbanger in the casino. Then they fled the scene. Shakur was riding in the passenger’s seat of a car with Death Row Records Ceo Suge Knight, driving. A car pulled up beside them and fired shots, hitting Shakur and killed him. Some shots hit Knight, but he survived.

Now this is evident that the Illuminati didn’t kill them. Let’s take our focus off that name. We’re not for sure if that exists, but what I can tell you is that there is a dark and evil force that drives people to behave in an inappropriate way. They’re all about the money and don’t care about “stepping on people’s throats”. They have you sign these 360 deals, which I will talk about in the next article. You have to be mentally prepared for what you are going to get yourself into.

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