The Illuminati, which means “enlightened” in pig latin, has become one of the most talked about conspiracy theories today. The word enlightened means to have a lot of knowledge. People are questioning if it’s real or not and how it’s affecting society. The answers lie in this history. It all started with German philosopher Adam Weishaupt being inspired by the Enlightenment era, and creating an organization in intentions to rule the world. This organization was called the Order of the Illuminati, which was created in May 1, 1776. It brought a lot of people over and they would do anything to keep their order such as killing a leader of an institution. One of the things was to destroy the government and religion. They were known as the “Insinuating Brethren”and had an “all seeing eye” as its symbol. The structure of this “secret society” was pyramidal, explaining the reason for the pyramid with the eye on dollar bills. They were known as freemasons, who were people that met in masonic lodges to receive what their master has to say or show (1)

Satanism is a religion that practices black magic, demonology, and occultism and stems from the “occult revival” in the 1960’s and 1970’s and was influenced by the religion of Western esotericism. The leaders responsible for this were Michael Aquino who founded the Temple of Set, a branch of Satanism founded in 1975 and Anton Szandor LaVey, who founded Laveyan Satanism in 1966. He founded the Church of Satan on April 30, 1966 and he wrote the Satanic Bible. They practice magic and are atheists because they don’t believe Satan is a supernatural being. They look at him rather as a symbol. They believe in performing rituals in which there is demonic energy, but demons are not summoned. It is black magic. They do not worship the devil, although there are some practitioners of Satanism that do, who are theists, which means they worship Satan as a supernatural being. 962105ef3858ba1b9bb2c3dfd4c57e4ahqdefault (1)

Music is not what it used to be because of the influence of Satanism in the music industry. The industry controls and manipulates the artists. You see a lot artists selling their soul to the Devil when they sign that contract. They throw away their morals and do the evil things their label tells them. Every person who wants to make it big is looking forward to get a record deal, so they can start living the life. They will do whatever it takes, which can be good and also be bad. The industry doesn’t know talent or how to use it. There is politics in everything. The industry uses politics with their marketing strategies to decide how artists should make music. These record executives are all about making money and controlling the music industry. The Illuminati back then had those same goals of controlling an area of society or all of it. VIBE-Jay-Z_Next_One_500

The Constitution gives people a right to free speech but sometimes it can go too far. There are people who don’t agree with their views and practices and that is Christians. They understand Satanists want to practice their religion and they respect that, but they have to do it in private. This is because kids and teenagers are watching and look up to these rappers, so you have to be careful of what you put out. Christians see Satanism being in the music industry as immoral and inappropriate. Christian parents see that their kids might be influenced by it and they will do anything to prevent that from happening. Yeezus-Cover-Art


They have to warn them and teach them that they have to be careful to the music they’re listening to. An artist can make a good song without talking about his spirituality and still have a positive message. In the Bible it says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs (1 Timothy 6:10)”. They believe that Satanism is influenced by the devil and should not be practiced, but this is a free country so it’s nothing that can be done about this. Satanists don’t like Christians either. They have the right to worship their religion just like Christians have the right to practice their religion. There are some Christian labels out there, but they’re very small. hqdefault (2)

If the industry was operated and owned by Christians, it would be a better place because they would treat the artists with respect and respect their interests. They would help the artists out spiritually and financially. People have been questioning whether the Illuminati is real or not. I think this Illuminati is the descendant of the one founded in the 1800’s, but the real question is “Is it the Illuminati or is it just the people”? In order to prevent this, the record labels need a background check or make sure that everybody treats the artists with respect and thinks about their interests. If they don’t do this, they might have to be fired or reevaluated. Since they have so much power, it’s going to be hard to stop them. We can’t fix something that we don’t have control of. We have to just pray as Christians and hope they have a change of heart.

Some people would say that the Illuminati is fake. The first reason is that they are illogical. The second reason is that if a person sees and can pick out little things about an artist such as what they’re wearing or what they’re doing, that can lead to them paying attention to symbolism and what something means. If they can see a thing that is dark or eerie, such as an eye or a pyramid, then they consider that to be a part of the Illuminati, when in reality they can be overthinking it. The next reason is the person is willing to believe the Illuminati, with not a lot of proof. When they are explaining it, they sound crazy and have a wild imagination. Then they believe that the Illuminati staged or caused a lot of major events to happen, such as 911 or Hurricane Katrina. The last reason is that they can right about the wrong things. 8406432191_c22889921e

When they say that the Illuminati is in control of the government and every aspect of life, they are thinking too much about it or jumping to conclusions. There is probably a secret government somewhere, but we just don’t know about it. Maybe the Illuminati in the music industry is just to get our attention or maybe it isn’t. None of us have the answers. Conspiracy theorists think that they know all the answers. In other words, they’re the shepherd and everyone else is the sheep. They isolate themselves from a realistic view and tend to be small-minded. They look it at life as a puzzle and try to put the pieces together. maxresdefault (11)

They look at politicians and businessmen and think they are a part of it because they are trying to throw dirt on each other and “cut throats and step on people” to get to the top. That’s not the case, they could be just that and just have evil thoughts without being involved in a secret organization. Now I’m not saying they’re right and I’m not saying they’re wrong, because freemasons are real. God is more powerful than them and can control anything. It’s like evolution, it’s a theory that has little proof, but who knows, these theorists could be right. We have to just sit back and observe what happens when Judgement day comes. We know Satan is real just like we know Hell is real because there’s evidence in the Bible. That’s when all the evil will be exposed and we will know if they’re real or not.

(Caption Information) Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam is seen during his speech.Rosa Parks Funeral at Greater Grace Temple Church.Detroit, Mi, November 2, 2005, Detroit, MI. (The Detroit News/Clarence Tabb, Jr.)
(Caption Information) Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam is seen during his speech.Rosa Parks Funeral at Greater Grace Temple Church.Detroit, Mi, November 2, 2005, Detroit, MI. (The Detroit News/Clarence Tabb, Jr.)


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