A look at Hunter Doyle’s life as sports carry ups downs, and a career. 

Joining the zoom call from his home in Philidelphia Hunter Doyle greets me wearing an Eagles jersey. Behind him are Eagles posters and pennants, baseball-themed art, and photos of groups of boys wearing baseball uniforms. There is no question where his interest and passion lies. 

Hometown Pride

Doyle is unafraid to show passion from his hometown to his home team. 

“(Philidelphia) Is a very big sports city and I’m a very big sports fan. I love the area. There’s a lot of culture with food and history and everything. I’ve loved living in Philadelphia my whole life.” 

Admittedly Doyle faced a cultural transition when he began his time at Wheaton College. Originally he was not attached to Wheaton after his visit, though his grandparents attended he felt it was not quite the place for him. He faced a difficult decision between playing baseball at Taylor University and the academic opportunity at Wheaton. In the end, seeing the community and opportunity at Wheaton he made the leap. 

Wheaton as a campus is highly academic, and while its students are appreciative of the institution. They are not known for their raucous support of Wheaton’s sports teams. Coming from a sporting city Doyle was in a very different environment. Instead of feeling limited by school spirit, he instead found freedom in it. 

“It’s different. Just talking to students on campus who like the Bears, not to bash them, but it’s not the same passion as Philadelphia. It’s been an adjustment but getting away from Philidelphia and being on my own I can focus even more on sports because I’m one of the only ones. At home, it’s part of my everyday life. At Wheaton, I have to make it a part of my life and continue the tradition.”

Next Steps in the Field

Doyle’s passion for sports extends beyond the frame of a fan into the context of a career. He has already landed a position writing for a sports blog covering his home team the Philadelphia Eagles. He plans to go on in sports writing in combination with his marketing and business skills to stay involved on the business side of sports. Open to opportunities but also looking at a future in sports marketing he displays a keen business sense and attracts friends that complement that. 

Doyle and Gabe Meyers met in person for the first time on the way to passage. Their initial conversation was easy and free-flowing and became the starting point for a friendship. Initially, they bonded over sports, but soon Meyers observed that same passion and enthusiasm in Doyle, 

“Hunter is a super supportive person when I’m telling him some of the stories I have to share he was super excited about that and I was super thankful for that. I think his openness to be super excited about what I had to say definitely drew me closer to him from the beginning.” 

Meyers is in the process of starting his own business, and has valued Hunter’s support and finds a companion as both enter the professional world as undergraduate students. 

Doyle’s ambitions are driven by his own passions but also his family. When asked about his dad Doyle explained why he admired him, 

“His work ethic, he has always been a hard worker his whole life…he works overtime at work but also makes time for us. He’s very good at time management and being well prepared before he gives a presentation at work… He works hard and sets a great example for me.”

The two have also shared their love for sports over the years. Doyle includes his father in his happiest memory: watching the Eagles win the Superbowl. For him, it was a culmination of family, community, and tradition. 

Sports characterize Doyle’s happiest memories, but also his greatest struggle. As a senior captain on his high school baseball team Doyle was met with his most difficult season. Knowing he would not continue his baseball career in college and coming off a successful junior year season Doyle’s team lost every game except one. Yet Doyle did not let the experience taint his love for the sport or his morale,

“I had to move on from all this stuff. This is the way God’s plan has been written. I can’t do anything else to change it. Everything going on in that time was challenging but I’m really grateful for it as well.”

From his greatest challenges to his happiest memories, his traditions with his father and his conversations with friends sports are attached to Doyle’s passions in every way. He is not the causal fan but places deep important in the games as well as the life lessons and relationships they have brought him. He carries this forward into a career and life in the game.